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09/08/2013 – SESVA August Meeting Dot Points (corrected)

Following is a brief summary of the SESVA meeting held 5 August 2013
In attendance were; David Price (President), Dave Beard (VP), Gordon Hall (Sec), John Capes (treasurer and editor), Phillip Petersen, Blue Renehan, Keith Squibb and Jan Welburn (teleconference line) Donna Morgan, (ESAMC Exo) Bella Scharfenstein (ESAMC Exec Support) plus a visitor (as an observer) Steve Bush.
The Official Minutes will be available when compiled and approved, however below are a number of dot points from the meeting
1.    The fund raising cheque from Woolworths has arrived
2.    The conference draft program is now completed with an SES stream included
3.    Conference numbers have not filled up and late applications may be possible
4.    The SESVA have met with DFES re the tardy rollout of the TRKs. The SESVA is not happy about the long delays and it is affecting the SES Volunteers. Even the documents for the Trainer/Assessor upgrades are completely fire focused
5.    The Lotteries Grant process for assistance to the Volunteers in attending the DFES conference was completed and approved
6.    The SESVA have met with DFES and other Associations to look at a new secretariat to assist the SESVA
7.    DFES has a number of new vehicles that have been waiting delivery for up to a year. DFES says they need to write TRKs and Familiarization documents for the vehicles before they can be delivered
8.    The SESVA now has a Volunteer on the Volunteer Vehicle and Equipment Advisory Committee
9.    David Price attended an OH&S Conference looking at change in safety culture
10.    The SESVA AGM is planned for Saturday 26 October – Notice of this will go on the Web site next week and be mailed to known addresses of SES Units
11.    Members of the SESVA will be attending the AFAC Conference in September
12.    It was reported that a Hi-Lux vehicle was sent to the Kimberley for the SES – No winch or bull bar and a notice to say they could not be fitted at any time!
13.    There is a new DO in the Pilbara – Paul Leiper
14.    SES Units who had not applied for a grant from the Woolies fund raising now have a second chance to place their interest. The SESVA Regional Rep for each region will be contacting their units to discuss the process
15.    There is a move by ACSES (Australian Council of SESs – a body chaired by a fire background person) to do away with National SES week and only have WOW day – The reasons put forward are flawed and the SESVA will take this up with DFES and Nationally
16.    The Association is waiting for a final letter from DFES so that the SES Advisory Committee can have its first meeting
17.    As the SES is a uniformed service the Association is considering the option for Committee members to wear browns with some Association logos and badges
18.    There are many questions regarding the LG merges and the Association is considering a workshop on this matter
19.    There will be an open forum of SES Volunteers (no staff) on the Sunday morning of the DFES Volunteer conference in September.