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22/07/2013 – RFA Belmont SES Car V House

SES Volunteers from the Belmont SES Unit were activated on Sunday Night to provide assistance after a car ploughed through a house in Belmont.   An elderly man was knocked from his bed when a car crashed into his home in.  The 77-year-old was lying in bed at his Keymer Street unit when a car smashed into the property about 7.50pm.

SES volunteers were called to the property to make temporary repairs and support the structure and eliminate hazards.  The damage, to the property was described as substantial.  St John Ambulance paramedics took the elderly resident to Royal Perth Hospital as a precaution. It is understood his injuries were minor.

The 45-year-old male driver, of Belmont, was taken away by police for a breath test at Belmont police station. He will be summonsed on a charge of refusing a preliminary breath test and refusing a breath test.

Accident Scene


SES Volunteers making tempory repairs

Picturers by Liam Croy The West Australian


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