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18/07/2013- Storm Thankyou Stirling Unit

Thankyou Letter – Stirling Unit

I would like to portray my gratitude and thanks to the wonderful SES team that came to my home last night to attend to temporary repairs on my roof as a result of the storm.  I live Hamersley and from the moment I placed my call of help, the SES were in touch with me until they arrived at my front door.  Then they were hard at work making sure everything was secure and safe.  This put my mind at ease and I was so relieved to have them there.  And they’re volunteers to boot!  Just shows the wonderful community spirit they possess.  It is a great service to have available.

I don’t know them by name but I’d like to thank  each one of them sincerely for their great work as it was definitely very much appreciated. I hope they managed to get a well-earned rest after a relentless day.

Thank you – Carol


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