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16/07/2013 – SES Volunteers Road Crash Rescue Training

SES Volunteers undertake Road Crash Rescue Traning

By Phillip Petersen ESM

In some remote areas of Western Australia SES volunteers undertake the vital role Road Crash Rescue (RCR).   This past weekend was the training and assessment of two RCR team leaders, one team member trainer/assessor under assessment and five Team members from Coastal Districts (Eneabba) and Morawa SES units, 12-14 July 2013.
These volunteers gave time to commit themselves to this special role. Whilst the Police are the HMA for road accidents and Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) career and volunteers undertake the role of rescue. In small country towns, this maybe very confronting as the chance of rescuing someone you know is very high. This can put enormous stress on volunteers.

Whilst the rescuers learnt theory and practical skills, they also appreciate the team relationship of other volunteer services that work together to achieve their mission and community goals, particularly the St John Ambulance volunteers who provide the medical support.
All those who attended met the National Competency requirements under Senior Trainer/Assessors Craig Chadwick and Phillip Petersen.
Did you know? ……..More Road Crash Rescues are conducted by SES volunteers than any other agency across Australia.



Classroom New Team Leaders: Stuart Clark of Coastal Districts (Eneabba) and Graeme Whitmore of Morawa with Trainer/Assessor Craig Chadwick and Lynette Varris team member Trainer/Assessor under assessment.

Classroom Photo – All participants including team leaders and team members

Group Photo in car- All participants including team leaders, team members, patient and trainers.


Simulated RCR scenarios for assessments



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