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28/06/2013 – Fitroy Crossing Flood Rescue

About 11:00am on Thursday 27 June 2013, a man attended at the Fitzroy Crossing Police Station and advised officers that a friend had sent him a text message stating she and her family had become stranded by flood water. The family were on the Bayulu-Yakanarra Access Road, about 35km south of Bayulu Community, near Fitzroy Crossing.

We believe the family had been travelling towards the Yakanaara Community when their vehicle became trapped by rising flood waters. Unfortunately they could not head back in the other direction as the route they had used had also become unpassable due to the rising river water.  It was determined the only way to ensure their safety was to rescue them by helicopter.  Contact was made with the Police Air Wing, who in turn coordinated an air rescue response by a local helicopter pilot.

Police Officers from the Fitzroy Crossing Police Station drove are as far as they could towards where they believed the family were, to the point where the road was no longer passable. The helicopter then flew to where the family were stranded, and took them one at a time to where the Police Officers had positioned themselves.  The 41 year old woman, her 36 year old husband, and their four children (three boys aged 5, 9 and 10 years old and a 17 year old girl) were all rescued by 3:30pm.


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