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27/06/2013 – Pathways Project Launch

Website Launch
The Pathways website, which provides professional development direction for volunteers and staff, was officially launched recently by the WA Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner.  The overall project, to be phased in over three years will assist volunteers and staff to understand and identify skills and knowledge requirements for each rank, role or level and ensure that standards of training are maintained.  The project will also bring clarity for managers on ways to develop their personnel, and support volunteers and staff to manage their own professional development.  You can explore the Pathways website and its functionality and share the site with colleagues. 

Access for Volunteers
Volunteers can access the Pathways website via the Volunteer Portal on the Extranet.   If you are already registered for the Volunteer Portal, login to Pathways at  If you have not currently registered for the Volunteer Portal; you will need your volunteer ID from your Service organisation and register as follows:

Step 1. Go to the DFES Website at
Step 2. Follow the prompts to register.
Step 3. Once you have registered for the Volunteer Portal, click on the Pathways icon as shown:

Navigating the website
There are a number of key Pathways website functions which are:

State wide calendar – Contains an index of available training courses and can be sorted by region and course type such as Incident Management, Technical or Leadership.

Catalogue – The catalogue is a list of the courses available.

My Pathway – There are a limited number of Pathways for roles within the Operations Command available at this stage, however, work is continuing to expand the website across all roles within DFES and Volunteer Brigades/ Groups/ Units.   A User Guide can be found on the Pathways home page by clicking on the “Help” button page to assist navigation around the website.

Next steps Pathways Project
Work is continuing on harmonising the catalogue to the State wide calendar to ensure consistency of delivery of Training Resource Kit’s and the correct issue of units of competency.    The focus for the 2013/2014 year will be on the development of Pathways for Volunteers in consultation with Associations and DFES Corporate roles.

More information
For more information, contact the Pathways Team on 08 9454 0789 and feedback can be provided via email to


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