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26/06/2013 – Walpole Search Operation

To all involved in the operation – Walpole Search:

Don’t wish to step anyone’s way, particularly the Great Southern District or Cameron’s, but wanted to pass on thanks from the WA Police Emergency Operations Unit  for the assistance DFES, you and your volunteers provided to the resolution of the search at Walpole over the weekend.  The resources, knowledge and commitment of the volunteers and staff of DFES was up to its usual high standard and the support offered and given to WA Police to perform its role in the community is appreciated.

Aside from the circumstances, it was nice to catch up with you and a number of the volunteers from previous searches and thanks again for their work, time and effort committed to the successful resolution of the search.  As I indicated – this isn’t an official acknowledgement but just from me in the EOU role. I have tried these officially before but they never seem to make it to the people actually involved on the ground – those kicking over the rocks and setting up Command Posts and masts and feeding the group.

All the best, tell next time.

Todd Pender
Operations and Training Officer
Emergency Operations Unit
WA Police
Maylands Complex
2 Swanbank Road,
Maylands, WA 6051



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