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05/06/2013 – Goldfields Challenge 2013

Goldfields Challenge 2013
Well the Goldfields Challenge is over for another year.  From all accounts and reading the comments on the Facebook everyone had a great time and really enjoyed themselves.  Well done to all not just the winners but everyone who participated. And I am sure everyone would like to thank the back of house members who worked very hard to make this event was so successful.  To all those photographers out there who no doubt took thousands of pictures the SESVA is always looking for pictures for its publications, so please share.

Here are some of the pictures sent to me by David Price (SESVA President)

The group photo

The stand assessors


1st Place Bayswater SES

2nd place Rockingham SES

3rd place Kalgroolie SES

Webmasters note: I will add more pictures as I recieve them.  I have have all the team photos which I will add later


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