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10/05/2013 – Training Pathways for SES Volunteers (Important Information

The Training Pathway for SES Volunteers (The Professional Pathways Project)
DFES has commenced work and consultation with the SES Association on a training Pathway Project to provide direction for all SES Volunteer roles.  The overall objective of the project is to create a Pathway to detail the skills and knowledge required to perform each SES role. The aim is to provide a clear framework to identify skills and knowledge requirements for current or future roles and ensure standards of training are maintained.

The overall objective of the project is to create a set of training courses and skills needed to meet your job or role requirements within the SES. This will provide clarity for SES Leaders about what is available to develop their teams and visibility for individuals to allow them to manage their own development.   The first phase of the project has a focus on Incident Management. This will determine the skills and training Volunteers need to be part of an incident management team.
The project consultation includes a User and Stakeholder Group which was formed via a nomination process and includes Volunteers.

Why Pathways?
The Pathways Project will assist to build and improve capacity, capability and cooperation to help position DFES as a leading emergency services organisation.
It is important for all personnel, Volunteers and Staff, to understand their responsibilities, have the skills and are empowered to fulfil the requirements of their roles. DFES is committed to investing in the appropriate professional development of all service personnel.

How long will this take?
The project implementation will be in four phases and delivered over three years.  The project team will provide regular updates and information as the project progresses.

Input from far and wide
During March, the Professional Development Portfolio at the Academy in Forrestfield, hosted the User Group and Stakeholder workshop which was opened by the DFES Commissioner, Mr Wayne Gregson APM. The workshop kicked off the consultation process to assist the direction of the project and provide information to participants.
Volunteers came from as far as Karratha and as close as Rockingham to provide valuable input to the workshop.   The workshop focused on three key areas; the Pathway framework, project communications and benefits and supporting technology.    The workshop outcomes exceeded expectations and contributed significantly to the project direction. There was a high level of co-operation and professionalism displayed by all 50 attendees.

The workshop was unique in combining such a broad representation of diverse business and services areas with participants providing valuable feedback, information and associated project risks.

Feedback and information has assisted with the development of:

1.    An ‘End User Requirements’ report for eLearning;
2.    An approved ‘Project Communications Strategy and Plan’; and
3.    A logo, slogan and visual look for the Pathways webpage.

A workshop report has been provided to participants and a circular issued summarising the main outcomes of the workshop.

Project contacts
For assistance on the Professional Pathways Project please email or phone

Superintendent Brad Delavale, Project Owner – 08 9454 0778
Sharyn Cable, Project Officer – 08 9454 0777
Leonie Moore, Communications Manager