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10/04/2013 – Identity Cards Update

2 April 2013 DFES General Circular – IDENTITY CARDS UPDATE

As many of you may be aware, the roll out of identity cards to all DFES and local government volunteers was suspended in 2011. This was to allow for the transition to a department and to consider options about what they should contain; to see if they could capture credentials and qualifications and possibly to provide better ways of logging everyone into operational environments.

Project work is currently now underway to review options for how identity cards will be issued and maintained for all DFES and local government volunteers. This project will consider the extent to which DFES identity cards will be mandatory or not and will explore future opportunities for use.  It is anticipated that the outcome of this project will be announced later in 2013 in conjunction with the DFES approved Program of Works. For further information about the Identity Card Project or to provide suggestions, please contact Karen Roberts, Director Human Resources on 9395 9361 or




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