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27/03/2013 – Easter Message from the President of the SESVA

Easter Message from the President of the SESVA

Easter is generally a time for family, traditions or festivities in this great country of ours.   In the Northern hemisphere they are shaking off the wintry earth and looking forward to spring and all the beauty it brings out, whilst we leave summer behind with fine and cool days upon us and the opportunity to catch up with people and relax.  For SES Volunteers it is usually an opportunity to catch up with people, do a number of jobs and ensure preparation for the winter storms that are only a month or so away.

The past months have been a very busy time for the SES Volunteers, both operationally (searches, tropical cyclones, etc.) and ensuring the Volunteers are not left out of the decision making process during these times of change and restructuring of DFES.

The Association has also been very active in supporting the feelings and needs of the Volunteers and represented these at a number of levels within DFES.  Further to this you will see reference to the SES and the good work they do at many Woolworths stores, as they have undertaken to support and fundraise for the great work that the SES Volunteers do in this State and the rest of Australia. Monies raised will be fed back to the SES Units around the state.

As Easter approaches us, I would just like to wish all of the SES Volunteers, their families and their many supporters a very Happy and Safe Easter.

David Price
President, SESVA


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