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25/03/2013 – SESVA Facebook Page and News Email Group


AS well as this website the SESVA also has a Facebook page.  Articles posted on the SESVA website are also automatically displayed to the SESVA Facebook page.  The page is well patronised and was set up for the SESVA to communicate to members through social media.  Another purpose of the SESVA Facebook is to provide a forum for the SES Volunteers to chat, discuss issues, express opinions and share information.

It is open to all SES Volunteers who apply to the SESVA Facebook Administrators.

The rules are simple for the page:

  • Keep the language acceptable;
  • Allow others to have their opinion;
  • Show respect for others;
  • Do not attack, critise others opinions or threaten anyone.

The SESVA Facebook Administrator group will reserve the right to deny anyone access or continued membership if they cannot abide by the rules.  Just remember we all have differing opinions, however free exchange of information and other people’s thoughts and opinions are necessary for us all to work together as Volunteers serving our communities.

Further to the above, articles pasted on the SESVA website are also automatically fed to the SESVA Facebook page and to the SESVA  email news group . If you want your personal or your Unit email address added to the SESVA email news group send your details to

 Let’s all enjoy our opportunity of free speech

 Signed by

 SESVA Facebook Administrators


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