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22/03/2013 – DFES Portal to Progress (P2P)


The Portal to Progress was an initiative of DFES to increase the creativity and innovation of the Department.   At the time, it was stated that most of the ‘good ideas’ come from those at the front line and there were limited opportunities for ‘front line’ personnel (Volunteers or staff) to submit ideas.  Quite often those that were submitted were unlikely to make it far enough up the chain of command to be genuinely considered on merit.

The Portal to Progress provides an avenue for ANY Volunteer or staff member to submit ideas directly to the DFES Corporate Leadership Team.

There are many benefits of the Portal to Progress including the fact that it is fully tracked and once you register an idea you receive regular updates on where your idea is at. 

The Portal to Progress home page states;
Welcome to DFES’s Portal2Progress, an opportunity to have your say in the future of our organisation.   The Portal2Progress provides an open way to collect, evaluate and act on your ideas. You can see the status of your idea at any time.  You can also see everyone else’s ideas: it’s a great way to see what others are thinking. We welcome your fresh ideas.  Please refer to the user guide for instructions on how to use Portal2Progress.

The SES Volunteers Association strongly encourages all SES Volunteers to register on the Portal to Progress.

This will enable you to:

  • Keep abreast of ideas that are being submitted
  • Keep abreast of ideas being submitted from the volunteer membership
  • Provide suggested solutions to ideas
  • Add to an idea, vote on an idea or comment on an idea.
  • Register to be notified of areas of interest
  • Submit your own ideas

To register, you first need to access the VOLUNTEER PORTAL at:

Once you are on the homepage which states:


Go to the top right hand corner of the page which has a big banner entitled                        


If you have any difficulties please contact DFES, or the SESVA rep for your area, to resolve the issue