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14/03/2013 – SES Assist with Kimberley Search

SES assisting at land search in the Kimberley
SES is assisting WA Police in a land search for a missing teenager. The 15 year old male went missing from La Djardarr Bay, on the eastern side of the Dampier Peninsula, about 10am yesterday.  In addition to Police resources, State Emergency Service (SES) has committed a Kimberley SES District Officer and four Broome SES volunteers to support land search teams.  One Derby SES volunteer has been deployed from Derby this morning as an aerial observer.  Another SES volunteer from Derby also assisted as an aerial observer in a helicopter yesterday.

SES Volunteers are routinely called on by Police to undertake land search operations. With this type of operation SES Volunteers perform various tasks including:

  • Provision of field headquarters
  • Provision of search teams
  • Incident management
  • Provision of communications
  • Conduct rescue
  • Provision of access to untrained personnel
  • Transfer casualties to ambulance / medical aid
  • Provision of emergency power / light
  • Provision of field catering
  • Air observers
  • Other tasks as rewquested by Police


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