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14/03/2013 – News from Gosnells SES

Gosnells  SES Volunteers respond to Searches, Cyclones and Fires

During the months of January and February, SES volunteers were kept busy responding to the needs of the community.  During February we searched Sawyers Valley for another person, missing during very high temperatures, who had been riding his quad bike. This search, similar to the one at the end of last year, went over a number of days. The similarities continue, where he was a long distance from his bike, was unprepared in case anything went wrong and required hospital treatment.

Gosnells SES also participated in searches on Rottnest Island, for a missing prospector out past Lake Ballard and responded to an air search. “The highly trained and skilled volunteers from Gosnells SES leave their employers and families, both day and night to search for these people who go out unprepared”, said Paul Hollamby, Gosnells SES Local Manager.

Cyclones and their path are unpredictable and for towns in the North-West it can be hit or miss. Gosnells SES had a storm damage team ready to go in case Cyclone Rusty caused severe damage. The damaged caused by the path the Cyclone took did not require SES volunteers from Perth to fly and assist those volunteers from the North West area.

Gosnells SES have always had a good working relationship with the Gosnells BFB, providing support and transport for many years. This means that the fire fighters and their vehicles spend more time at the fire ground, fighting the fires. Recently we have seen quite a number of large threatening fires, where Gosnells volunteers have provided transportation for both Bush Fire volunteers and Fire and Rescue staff. We have also transported supplies and provided lighting further and further from the Perth CBD.

Recognition of the skills and contribution of SES volunteers is never enough. I am pleased to say that in January, “Fire and Safety WA” donated four (4) fire extinguishers to the Gosnells SES unit.

Woolworths recently contacted the Department of Fire and Emergency Services about promoting the State Emergency Service. To ensure that the volunteer SES units receive maximum benefit, they asked the SES Volunteers Association (comprising volunteers) to organise. The promotion started this week and runs for 4 weeks. As you pay for your groceries, shoppers have the option to purchase a “Thank you Egg” for $2.00, where you can write your name and a small message. Apparently the messages will be put onto a poster and be presented to the local SES unit, along with the proceeds from the $2.00 purchase.  Paul Hollamby said “This recognition by Woolworths for the volunteers is significant and appreciated”.

It is worth remembering that volunteers would not be able to make this commitment without the support of their families and employers.  The SES train regularly to be able to combat many types of natural and man-made disasters.


LM Paul Hollamby recieves donation from Fire Safety WA


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