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01/03/2013 – The ATV/ATU Changeover Project


District Officer Glenn Hall has advised the Volunteers Association that he is the Project Manager for this project .  The project is expected to be completed by the end of June with all ATUs being delivered by then – subject to suppliers being able to deliver by then.

Following is the process that will be followed:

1.    DFES Operational Resources Review and Development (ORRD) has been working to develop a specification for the capability of the ATU and Trailer. The specifications for the ATU & Trailer from ORRD will be distributed for comment prior to being finalised.
2.    When this is finalised DFES will proceed to tender.
3.    DFES will short list appropriate ATUs from the tender responses.
4.    The user group will be reformed to evaluate the tendered vehicles prior to final selection.
5.    The field evaluation process for the short listed ATUs will be conducted in Perth with the user group.
6.    The selected ATU and trailer will be supplied to those Units that have been identified and be provided in one lot.
7.    A specific TRK is being developed and delivered as part of the implementation process.


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