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11/07/2010 – Kalbarri SES Operation 09-07-2010 Storm Damage

A severe storm hit Kalbarri in the early hours of Friday morning with high winds (80km/hour) and high seas reportedly 4 to 6 metre seas on a similar sized swell.   The Kalbarri SES volunteers were called out to five storm damaged houses, working in conjunction with local police and shire workers .
Veranda and Patio roofs ripped off and tin flying around was the situation in most cases.  The worst case was a second story roof which was partially ripped off and flapping around dangerously in the high winds. Significant water damage in the upstairs rooms occured before the SES secured/removed the damgerous areas and then secured a tarpaulin over the exposed areas to stop further water damage.


The SES team, Rae Edwards, Steve Duncan, Adam Newcombe, Jan Verbaant, Dan Neal, Mac Holt.
Others on Standby….


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