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It is that busy time of the year again, with Christmas parties, presentation nights and graduation ceremonies to attend, as well as the involvement in our own SES Units – all good fun.

This is also a time of the year to reflect on the past year and think about what matters most to us; our families, our friends, our emergency service colleagues, the many supporters and the communities that we serve.
From an SES point of view, we have had a busy year on non-operational matters which culminated in a special forum at the Duxton for all SES Local Managers and senior Volunteers. At this forum they discussed some of the barriers preventing the SES going forward. The Minister and the Commissioner are to be acknowledged for their foresight in this area and it is hoped that we will see a number of changes in the coming year.

The SES experienced a quiet winter this year with a smaller number of requests for assistance. Further to this the Bureau of Meteorology expects that we will have a quiet season with an outlook of maybe two cyclones this summer.

Meanwhile the Emergency Services on the eastern seaboard are in full emergency response modes with a cyclone, floods and fires. We wish them all well in the response and assistance to their communities.

This summer the state could have a busy fire season and all services are in preparation to ensure all Volunteer and Staff Emergency Responders are ready if required.

We all know that there are often emergencies at this time of the year and even though the SES Volunteers have a reduced activity period (RAP) with limited training over the Christmas New Year period, they have a high level of preparedness and networks in place to respond immediately if an emergency event happens.
I also acknowledge the role and support by the Volunteer Emergency Service Responders families, friends and many supporters that makes it all possible throughout the tough times of emergency events.
In closing, and on behalf of the SES Volunteers Association Committee, I would like to extend our best wishes for the festive season, to all the Volunteers and Staff involved in the Emergency Services, your families and many supporters and to thank you for your continuing support to your community.
Please have a safe and happy festive break.

Gordon Hall ESM
SESVA President
December 2018

Department of Fire and Emergency Services
Youth Programs Officer - Banksia Hill
Salary: PSGO CSA GA 2017, Level 3, $69,896 - $75,717 (prorata)
Position No: 6584
Work Type: Fixed Term - Part Time
Location: Cockburn Central
Closing Date: 2019-01-13 4:00 PM

As part of our strategy to increase the diversity of our workforce, Aboriginal Australian people are strongly encouraged to apply for this job and applications will be primarily considered in accordance with Section 51 of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984.

About the Role

Department of Fire and Emergency Services have partnered with Department of Justice to develop a pilot Youth in Emergency Services (YES) program at Banksia Hill Detention Centre, Canning Vale.  The program will provide participants with an awareness of the emergency services, allowing them to use this information to support, and positively reintegrate into, their community once released from the detention centre.
The Youth Programs Officer supports the Youth Programs Coordinator by delivering and coordinating the YES Program at Banksia Hill Detention Centre.  The successful candidate will:

  • Assist with the planning, development, coordination and evaluation of the program.
  • Take the lead in coordinating stakeholders involved in program delivery, including volunteers, DFES staff and activity suppliers.
  • Deliver select program components to the participants in the custodial facility.
  • Assist in developing networks with a through-care component with DFES youth programs.
  • Other tasks as outlined in the attached Job Description Form.

It is envisaged the successful applicant will commence work in March 2019.  The position will be 1 day per week, conducted at both DFES Emergency Services Complex, Cockburn, and Banksia Hill Detention Centre, Canning Vale.  There is some flexibility as to the days and hours worked for out of program sessions.

About You

We are looking for someone who:

  • is proactive and self-motivated;
  • has excellent organisational skills with an ability to manage complex logistics and last minute changes;
  • has excellent interpersonal skills to positively engage with key stakeholders, including volunteers, DFES and Banksia Hill staff, and activity suppliers;
  • has good awareness of process and procedure; and
  • has experience and interest in working with young people, with an ability to adjust communication styles to suit cultural and developmental needs of young people.

Application Instructions

Applying is easy. All applications are to be submitted online. Simply select ‘Apply for Job’, located at either the top or bottom of this screen and follow the instructions.

As part of your application, you will need to submit:

  • a CV or resume (in Word or PDF format) which outlines your relevant work history, experience and skills.
  • the details of two referees who can attest to your suitability for the role.
  • a summary of up to 1 page (cover letter format is fine) to answer the following two questions:

Q1.  Please provide examples of your experience in working with young people, and how you would engage with complex young people from diverse cultural backgrounds.
Q2.  Please provide examples demonstrating when you were required to manage complex logistics and deal with changes when engaging with multiple groups of people.

A statement addressing each selection criteria is not required.

Selection Process

All applications will be reviewed and shortlisted candidates will be requested to attend an interview at DFES.  Candidates may be required to attend a site visit at Banksia Hill Detention Centre.

Any contact with DFES or Banksia Hill Detention Centre during the selection process will form part of the applicant assessment.

Integrity Requirements

DFES staff are engaged in positions of trust and responsibility. DFES requires the successful applicant to obtain the following, prior to confirmation of appointment:

  • Police Clearance
  • National Criminal History Record Check
  • Working with Children’s Check

Criminal Records

A criminal record will not automatically disqualify an applicant from the selection process.  Generally, single non-recent petty offences do not disqualify an applicant. Multiple offences, sex offences, violence, dishonesty and habitual theft may disqualify an applicant.  If rejection of an applicant is considered purely because of a criminal record, they will be given the opportunity to discuss the matter before a final decision is made.

Investigations, Suspensions and Pending Criminal Charges

Applicants will be required to provide information as to whether they are under investigation for any matter or are suspended from employment.  Applicants will similarly be required to provide information as to whether they have had any legal proceedings against them or whether they are subject to any pending criminal charges.  It is important to note that if an applicant was subject to a disciplinary investigation with the WA public sector and either leaves the sector or is employed by another agency, the investigation may continue and this may impact on future employment.

Declarations associated with the above will not automatically disqualify an applicant from the selection process.  If rejection of an applicant is considered appropriate on the basis of the information provided in a declaration, they will be given the opportunity to discuss the matter before a final decision is made.

Further Information

For further information about the position, please contact Lynelle Fozard, Youth Programs Coordinator, on (08) 9395 9716 (not to be contacted for assistance with lodging your application).

If you are having issues with your application please contact Big Red Sky on 1300 733 056 or email

Commencement Date: 1 March 2019 (flexible)
Cessation Date: 30 January 2020 (flexible)

All applications are submitted online. Simply select ‘Apply for Job’, located at either the top or bottom of this screen and follow the instructions.

Please note:  Please do not leave your application until the last moment as lodgement is system generated and any submission on or after 16:00 (WST) will be rejected.

2018 State Emergency Service Forum


The Minister advised the SES Volunteers Association that a forum of the SES would be conducted in December to address the SES issues Consequently, DFES invited all SES Local Managers and one of their leadership team, the SES Volunteers Association committee members and the SES Volunteer Advisory Committee members to a weekend forum to be held at the Duxton Hotel in Perth on 1 and 2 December.

One hundred and twenty SES Volunteers and DFES staff attended the forum.  The Minister stated in his opening address that their will not be a Chief Officer of the SES.  The Commissioner mentioned in his opening speech that many good things have been done by DFES to assist the SES Volunteers including the AEDs (donated by the RAC), the Operational Efficiency Payments and the Scout Badge. The Commissioner stated that “A line has been drawn in the sand” and we can look forward to a new future with “balanced cultures” under his leadership.

The consultant used a survey to produce five themes. These themes were discussed around the tables and many issues that are affecting the SES Volunteers and their units were tabled.

On the Sunday Chief Superintendent Craig Waters presented recent changes and planned fixes to SES training issues arising from the past five years.  Following this training was discussed and a question and answer session were conducted.

As there was insufficient time on both days for many of the questions from SES Volunteers to be tabled, it was agreed on the last day, that a parking lot for questions would be established at the rear of the room for DFES to follow up.

The forum was an ideal opportunity for the senior staff to listen to the SES Volunteers about some of their concerns and the issues facing them in their roles of preparation and response in their communities.

It was acknowledged by DFES that there are training and other procedural issues.
The Commissioner made a commitment that the report will be delivered to him by the end of January 2019 and that there will be timely feedback to the SES Volunteers about the future direction of the SES.

The SES Volunteers Association will be meeting with the Commissioner to discuss some of the feedback and how we can best assist the SES Volunteers on their issues.
The SES Volunteers Association expect to be working with DFES on this report and its recommendations when delivered.

Printable copy of this update should you wish to place a copy on your Unit notice board. -

SESVA Newsletter December  2018

 The newsletter has important information for SES Volunteers in WA including:

  • From the President
  • 2018 Emergency Service forum
  • First Aid training now available through DFES
  • Merchandise
  • Maternity wear available
  • Operational Fleet Project replacement for PCs
  • Uniform Survey
  • How to keep informed and much more