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WOW Day Representatives

The SES Volunteers Association is looking for SES Volunteers in each region of Western Australia to represent and promote the SES on WOW Day this year.  The SES Volunteer  will participate in at least one radio interview the day before and/or on WOW Day to encourage people to wear orange, wherever tpeople are on the day.

The SES Volunteers will also be involved in promoting the SES with photographic exposure, twitter, a promotional video for the day, and any other media opportunities which may be pursued.  The SES Volunteers will be need to have a reasonable level of experience in the SES, so they can confidently portray the values of the SES during the radio interview and at any other media opportunities.

This experience does not need to be extensive, just an understanding of the SES.  All SES Volunteers are asked to consider being involved.

If you would like to be involved, please send an expression of interest to

We are not looking for a major book in your expression of interest.  Just a few words outlining why you would like to represent the SES Volunteers in your region, your experiences in the SES, and obviously name and contact details.

Unfortunately, due to everything else which has/is happening, we need your expression of interest by COB Wednesday, 15th April 2020.  We know this is an extremely short time frame, but unfortunately we cannot extend it any further.



SCAM Warning Please take Note 

Greg Cook SESVA President warns you of a current SCAM which was sent an SES Volunteer today. This email is totally fraudulent and should be disregarded. Please delete the email should you receive it and don’t share it. Greg is concerned that his name is being used in this manner to defraud SES Volunteers. Please inform your Unit members and fellow Volunteers of this SCAM.

This person(s) has been targeting the SESVA for some time using details obtained from our website using Executive and Committee members names to send fraudulent emails requesting funds or banking details.

Hi Jonathan, i'm sending out to the volunteers of SES, anyone to help at these trying period is welcome.  What i need is a quick payment of $200 via PayPal to the vendor, using the friends and family option. Let me know once done, and send your cell number for proper documentation for your reimbursement check. Thanks for helping out and stay safe, thanks again




Greg Cook

SES Volunteers Association of WA


The following email has been sent to several members of the SES. This a scam and should not be replied to. Please delete immediately and don’t forward to anyone. This person(s) has been targeting the SESVA for some time with details obtained from our website using Executive and Committee members names to sent fraudulent emails requesting  funds or banking details. 

Hi, good morning. Hope you are well.

Are you available? I would need your assistance with a payment for the charity donations we have to make, to aid those affected by the Covid-19  pandemic. Let me know to forward the details of the vendor and if you can get this done, thanks. 

Note our position of “Be advised and be wise,” which means follow and adhere to the  recommendations of government and recognized professional  bodies affecting your particular circumstances and locale. States,  cities and local health departments have instituted a variety of steps to control the infection.


Greg Cook


SES Volunteers Association of WA

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