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13/04/2015 – DFES Single Sign on functionality

I am pleased to confirm the launch of Single Sign On (SSO) functionality will take place on Wednesday the 15th of April.  The introduction of SSO will improve access for existing and new volunteers by simplifying and streamlining the registration and login process.  On completing SSO registration, volunteers will be able to activate their personal eAcademy account; DFES’s online learning system, making it quicker and easier to access online training.

An additional feature of SSO is the ability for volunteers to link their SSO login to a third party provider such as Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Windows Live™ ID, Twitter or LinkedIn.  Please note whether you are a Volunteer currently registered on the Volunteer Portal or not, all volunteers will need to register for SSO using their existing Volunteer ID to continue to have access to the Volunteer Portal.  If you do not have your volunteer ID please contact your Brigade, Unit or Group representative.
Progressively, other DFES systems and applications will incorporate SSO functionality, therefore removing the need to login to these individual systems.  In the meantime volunteers and staff should continue to use their existing login details to access other DFES applications such as WebEOC.
For further information on how to register and sign in to SSO please click on the links below:
Volunteer User Guide
Important User Information and Contacts
SSO is instrumental in providing volunteers with seamless access to the eAcademy.  Not only is the eAcademy a key platform for our training strategy, it also provides a new way in which we can engage with, and train our volunteers.   I would encourage you to take the opportunity to re-register on the Volunteer Portal through SSO which will allow you to activate access to eAcademy.