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27/01/2021 – SESVA Newsletter February 2021

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From the President

Welcome to 2021 and we are told it’s now a High Threat Season in the West.  From the Association, all of us extend a “Hi to you” and welcome back. For our newer unit members, welcome to the orange army and family.

Again, I am proud of the extraordinary response from SES members to support our respective and neighbouring communities in times of emergency. There are so many people who have trust in our willingness and capability to pitch in and help.

In Memoriam

Respecting those who are now in active service with the elite Orange Angels RIP
Kalbarri Unit – Mr Daniel Neal  Communications Support Unit – Mr. Bruce White  Kalgoorlie Unit – Mr. Vitor Birt

The WA SES VA Executive and Committee offers our sincere sympathy to the families, friends and unit members on the significant loss to you all.

History of the SES book Launch

The WA State Emergency Service (SES) History from Civil Defence into the 21st Century.  The book also attempts to cover some of the support aspects of the SES, as well as a number of interesting operations and some of the committees involved. 

Australia Day Awards

Calls for recognition, congratulations and celebration.  Please join us in jointly recognising the following SES Members:
Mr. Allen Graham Gale. A well deserved nominee and now awarded the Emergency Services Medal (ESM) as part of the 2021 Australia Day Awards.

WOW Day 2021

WOW Day for 2021 is not far away.  It may seem several months, but time flies, and we would like your input into what you think should be done to celebrate WOW Day across the huge State of Western Australia not just celebrate in the Metropolitan area, which has been the past

SES Number Plates

Expression of interest SES Number plates Over the last few years we have had several requests for SES Number plates.  As the current series has been exhausted, we are now asking if you would like us to start a new series.

Selcall Numbers

For those Units who have/use HF radio we mention the HF Selcall list is maintained on the Volunteer Hub, reviewed annually and is updated when required.

SESVA Vacancies

At the present time the SESVA have vacancies for Regional Representatives for the South Coastal, North Coastal and North East regions.  Being an SESVA Representative for a region is a very rewarding experience.

26/01/2021 – Allen Gale ESM

Allen Gale ESM

Allen joined the Northam SES Unit in 1972 and after initial training and experience worked his way up to several Volunteer Management Positions and eventually became a career officer in 1989.  Allen has been the lead person in many operations around the state. These have included some very difficult searches with undesirable outcomes, search and rescue operations in flood and cyclonic situations and many evacuations.

On the non-operational side Allen has been a very effective coach and mentor to many SES Volunteers, represented the SES at many state level strategic meetings and in recent years has been the go-to and advisor person for the Chief Superintendents and other high-level staff in DFES.

Allen has been on many of the negotiating teams working for DFES and building the bridge, or middle ground, with the SES Volunteers to ensure the best level of support to the Community.  After retirement in 2020, Allen became a peer reviewer for the book on the WA SES and Civil Defence History.

Throughout all these roles, Allen has given his time with little or no thought to himself but to the betterment of the Community.

Allen embodies the qualities of the committed State Emergency Service member and exemplifies a strong ethos and commitment to the community that would be difficult to surpass.

Throughout these 48 years as a Volunteer and staff member, Mr Gale’s dedication has been unquestioned, and with the support of Volunteers from many SES Units, he has put the needs of the community first to assist in their preparedness for the effects of any natural hazard.

Greg Cook SESVA President said I behalf of myself, Executive team and Committee members I would congratulate Allen on being awarded the Emergency Services Medal which recognizes your dedication and commitment  to the SES and the Community at large.

Well Done Allen, and we thank you for your service.






Allen Gale ESM

23/01/2021 – SES History Book Launch

The WA State Emergency Service (SES) History from Civil Defence into the 21st Century

On Saturday, 23 January the Minister for Emergency Services, Fran Logan MLA, launched a book about the history of the WA SES. FES Commissioner Darren Klemm AFSM and SESVA President Greg Cook spoke about the history of the SES and their Volunteers at the launch.

The compilation of the history of the State Emergency Service in Western Australia, was intended to bring together as much of the history as possible from the Civil Defence days of the 1930s, to the formation of the State Emergency Service in Western Australia and covers the subsequent years, from when it was part of the Civil Defence and Emergency Service of Western Australia, part of the Police Department, its’ own entity as the State Emergency Service, in more recent years as a clear role within the Fire and Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia and finally in 2012 being merged into a fire culture within the new Department of Fire and Emergency Services. 

The book sets out the timeline from Civil Defence to SES over a number of years and the subsequent fire and emergency agencies under which the SES Volunteers operate.  It also attempts to cover some of the support aspects of the SES as well as a number of interesting operations and some of the committees involved.

Two chapters showcase all SES Volunteers who have received state awards or been honoured through the Australian Honours and Awards system for their dedication and distinguished service in the WA State Emergency Service.  It is well recognised by communities at all levels of government that the true altruistic nature of State Emergency Service Volunteers provides significant social capital by instilling a sense of community and caring, a level of civic pride, and a sense of self-reliance and security for their own community.

The book consists of 213 pages with associated pictures and a short history of a number of the SES Units.    There has been a limited number of the books printed and an eBook will be available for downloading in February via Amazon.

It has been compiled by Gordon Hall ESM and has been peer reviewed by John Capes OAM and Allen Gale – all SES Volunteers.  There is a forward by the Minister for Emergency Services and the FES Commissioner.

Please direct all enquiries or requests for further information to Gordon Hall;

Gordon Hall ESM the books author
FES Commissioner Darren Klemm AFSM -Gordon Hall ESM - Minister for Emergency Services, Fran Logan MLA
Gordon Hall ESM and Greg Cook SESVA President

18/01/2021 – Location technology boosts emergency response

Location technology emergency response

Emergency services will now be able to locate people in distress more easily this festive period thanks to new state-of-the-art location technology.

The Advanced Mobile Location (AML) technology automatically sends location information to Triple Zero when people call from a mobile phone.  AML works by combining GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile network information and other sensor input.  Once this information is calculated, a SMS with the caller’s location is automatically sent to Triple Zero while the call is underway.

Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Darren Klemm AFSM said every second counted in a life-threatening emergency.  “Advanced Mobile Location technology has the potential to save lives, especially when callers are unsure of their precise location,” Commissioner Klemm said.  “The AML technology can identify the caller’s location within a five-metre radius outdoors and 25-metre radius indoors.   

“This life-saving technology will reduce the time spent verifying the caller’s location, allowing crews to be dispatched faster.   “However it’s essential callers also verbally state their location to Triple Zero call takers when phoning for assistance.”

St John WA Technical Services Executive Director Ashley Morris said 78 per cent of Triple Zero calls in Australia are from mobile phones.   “If the phone’s location services are switched off, they will be automatically activated, then deactivated, following the call.

“Visit the Triple Zero website to ensure AML works on your mobile phone so we can get to you faster in an emergency.”

While AML works automatically on Android phones, iPhone users must update their operating systems to iOS 14.3 for the technology to work.  AML is a collaboration between the Federal Government, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES), the WA Police Force, St John WA, Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Google and Apple.







13/01/2021 – Albany SES new HQ announced

Albany’s State Emergency Service new HQ

A new State Emergency Service facility will be built in Albany.  Emergency Services Minister Fran Logan has announced up to $3 million for a new SES building on Mercer Road.  It will be rated a Level 3 Incident Control Centre, suitable for coordinating large-scale emergencies, and should be open within 18 months.

SES WA Commissioner Darren Klemm says it’ll be a big boost to local crews.

“This new facility will put them in a fantastic place in terms of the fit for purpose nature of the facility and it will only enhance their ability to provide their service to the community, and it should also assist them with attracting more members,” he says.

The new Albany SES facility will include a big response building, separate administration building, indoor and outdoor training areas and a six-vehicle bay garage that can house the region’s Incident Control Vehicle.

The Albany SES Unit has 55 active volunteers and 10 vehicles operating out of its current station, which is no longer fit-for-purpose. The new facility will provide volunteers with modern and comfortable amenities as well capacity for the unit to increase membership and cater for the growing needs of the region. 

The new facility is scheduled to be completed by July 2022.



Western Australia - State Emergency Service

11/01/2021 – SESVA Committee Vacancies


At the present time, the SESVA have vacancies for Regional Representatives for the South Coastal and the North Coastal regions.  Being an SESVA Representative for a region is an extremely rewarding experience and gives you the opportunity to provide input on current and future issues effecting SES Volunteers.

If you are interested in becoming involved in assisting and advocating for your fellow SES Volunteers, and are a member of an SES Unit in either of the above regions, contact the Secretary to discuss on 0428 612 480 or email

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