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13/01/2022 – Two Rocks SES now recruiting Volunteers

Two Rocks SES looking for new members

We’re looking for members of nearby communities to join our team!
The SES provide a wide range of services to help the community cope during and after the impact of disaster such as; storms, fires, tsunami, earthquake and flood.
Helping the community to recover by responding to natural disasters is only PART of SES’ responsibility. We as emergency services volunteers also carry out land search and rescue operations working alongside WA Police Force.
The role of becoming an emergency response volunteer with the SES and an active member within our Two Rocks Unit is a very honourable role and we value our team members highly.
We are holding an information night on 08/02/22 and would love for you to come meet the team and physically see some of the things we do for our community.
Please contact us through this add, Facebook messenger or by email at for further information and any questions you may have ☺️
Two Rocks SES Unit

11/01/2022 – Kalbarri vandals damage safety equipment

Safety Equipment damages

Police are investigating the destruction of crucial safety technology and the theft of a popular emu chick sculpture at Kalbarri National Park. 

Kalbarri Police officer-in-charge Sergeant Darren Connor said lives had been put at risk by the vandalism of a thermometer, which is believed to have occurred last week between 7am Thursday and 7am Friday.

He said the thermometer, which warned park visitors of sometimes soaring temperatures in the picturesque gorge, was damaged by vandals.

“That thermometer is located just near Nature’s Window car park and this is a piece of equipment that is integral to people’s safety because it gives visitors an understanding of the temperatures at the time,” Sergeant Connor said.

Sergeant Darren Connor says vandals have put lives at risk.   It is certainly a risk to people’s safety, and it is just disappointing that people have taken these steps to effectively put people’s lives on the line.”

There have been a number of rescues there due to heat exhaustion and some visitors have died from heat stroke in the gorge, where temperatures can be 10 degrees Celsius higher than surrounding areas.

Kalbarri was one of the hottest locations in Western Australia on Christmas Day.

“History tells us that people have come unstuck in the park and a lot of that is attributed to excessive heat,” Sergeant Connor said.

Story by Cecile O’Connor news reported ABC

Kalbarri SES Volunteers vertical Rescue Training

05/12/2021 – International Volunteer Day

International Volunteer day 2021

Today the SES Volunteers Association of Western Australia Incorporated  recognises, celebrate and thank the amazing contribution volunteers make within communities around the world. It is through their commitment we are all able to make a difference.

To all State Emergency Service volunteers, thank you for your continued dedication, support and the hard work you undertake for each other, the agency and the community.

Every day more than 2,000 SES volunteers in Western Australia are ready to assist the community with emergency repairs to buildings after severe weather, participate in land searches and rescues, attend road crashes, and assist other emergency services when required.

The WA Community can rely on the bravery of our SES volunteers during harrowing times and it is quite a comfort to know the SES Volunteers are ready to assist whether it be a simple roof repair  damage from a storm, setting off to search for a missing person, complex and challenging vertical rescue  or at major incident providing logistical and communications support.

The countless hours spent at incidents are just a fraction of their commitment to the community with training and running their units also being a vital part of their SES duties.

Thank you for your service.

SES Volunteers Association of Western Australia Incorporated

03/12/2021 – Important announcement from the SES Mounted Section

3rd December 2021
Dear Fellow SES Volunteers
Re: Mounted Section

The SES Mounted Section has serviced the community of WA by volunteering themselves and their horses since 1987.  Over these years the Unit has gone through many changes, so too has the way searches are conducted not only by Police but by the SES as a supporting agency.

In addition, missing person behaviour and significant changes in technology has presented changes to the way units are used and searches are conducted.

With these considerations top of mind, the Mounted Section decided several months ago, as a team, to cease operations and recommended to DFES that the Unit close down.

This recommendation was accepted by the DFES Commissioner last month and as such the SES Mounted Section will close from the 31st March 2022.  Make no mistake, this decision was not easy, nor taken lightly by any means. There were many sleepless nights and long days spent considering the community and ourselves; including the hard work done by former and current members to establish the competent and tight knit team we are to this day. There were many meetings among ourselves, DFES and WAPOL to ensure our decision was fully informed with all points considered.

As the Mounted Section winds down, our primary focus will be the welfare of members, like many volunteer groups, the Mounted Section is a huge part of our lives. Nearly 50% of our members have completed over 10 years of service and between them have contributed nearly 200 years of service to DFES.

We would like to acknowledge the support we’ve received over this time from our families, DFES staff, the SES Volunteers Association, our fellow SES comrades and the general public.

We trust this support will continue over the next few months as we wrap up the SES Mounted Section.

Natalie Beard
Local Manager SES Mounted Section