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27/09/2021 – Minister visits Rockingham-Kwinana

Rockingham-Kwinana SES Ministerial visit

We were delighted to have  Hon Reece Whitby MLA Minister for Emergency Services and Volunteering visit us last week, & give him a tour of the unit, as well meet the team member’s.
It’s been a very busy year for us, starting with the fire season, then a wetter than normal winter to keep us on our toes.
A big thank you to everyone’s ongoing support, & to the member’s for giving up their time to train weekly & attending the variety of call out’s for the community.
The Minister with Volunteers from the Rockingham-Kwinana SES Unit
The Minister addressing the Volunteers
The Minister speaking to Volunteers and iviewing equipment

12/09/2021 – SES Awards 2021

State Emergency Service Awards 2021 winners

SESVA President Greg Cook congratulates the winners of the SES Awards 2021.These awards recognise the outstanding efforts of volunteers who have excelled in their service and demonstrated a high level of commitment to the SES. We also acknowledge the finalists in each of the categories for their dedication and commitment to the SES.

The SESVA Congratulates the  2021 winners:

Peter Keillor Award (SES Volunteer of the year)

Connie Eikelboom ESM, Armadale State Emergency Service

As a local manager and peer supporter, Connie Eikelboom ESM shows up for people when they need her most. She spent four weeks in Kalbarri and Northampton to support crews through the devastation of Cyclone Seroja. At home in Armadale, Connie makes herself available for a cup of tea and a chat to support her community when people need someone to listen.

State Emergency Service Team Achievement Award

Communications Support Unit

Keeping crews safe is what motivates the busiest SES Unit in Western Australia. In the past 12 months, the team has clocked more than 3300 hours on active operations. The group built the Hilltop Kit, the key piece of equipment that provided DFES incident management teams with essential communications at the Red Gully and Wooroloo Bushfires.

State Emergency Service Youth Achievement Award

James Cotter, Carnarvon State Emergency Service

At only 24-years of age, James Cotter is one of the most active members of Carnarvon SES. He was motivated to volunteer with all three emergency services units in Carnarvon to help the best he can. He leads training and operations and promotes the benefits of the SES, which has strengthened the team culture and morale and retained and attracted new members.

31/08/2021 – SESVA Promotional Items

SESVA Promotional Stuff

Remember the SESVA have SES based promotional giveaways for when your Unit is out in your community.

It’s another powerful tool to help you and your members in:

* Recruitment
* Community engagement/education for  seasonal events such as cyclone season  and  all year events such as search

Remember you can help prepare your community through education and interaction, this then potentially helps reduce the amount of jobs your members need to attend.

Contact the SESVA office – for further details

27/08/2021 – Kalbarri SES News August 2021

Kalbarri SES August 2021 report



On Sunday August 8 local SES volunteers were at Hawks Head in the Kalbarri National Park completing a Single Rope Rescue re-qualification course when we received a call at about 1230 hrs that person was injured at Eagle Gorge and required assistance. As we were some distance away we contacted 4 volunteers who were unable to attend training due to work commitments. They all knocked off work and were able to attend the incident in a timely manner while a further five volunteers travelled from Hawks Head.

It was established that a group of netball players from Geraldton had walked down the cliff pathway the beach at Eagle Gorge. They entered the water for a swim when one of them stepped on discarded fishing lure which lodged into her foot. St John Ambulance volunteers attended and were able to cut the lure hooks off but she required a lift and carry to move her to the ambulance in the car park. SES volunteers secured her into a stretcher and she was then carried to the ambulance and handed over for medical treatment to remove the hooks and treat the wound.

Rescue from Eagle George
Packed up and ready to go

26/08/2021 – SESVA President Report September 2021

 SESVA President Greg Cook

One of my highlights was to participate in the Lower South West Leadership Forum organised by Leon Gardner. A great day for those that attended, including SESVA Vice President, Alan Hawke and myself.

We shared the drive down and back from Margaret River. It was great to catch up with all attending SES Volunteers and some DFES staff members. These events provide the Association the opportunity to have a face to face forum to continue to advocate for the current values that are driving our service and deliver these to you. Remember, we are here working with you to advocate on behalf of all units across the state.

To do that we frequently engage with Unit Management on a number of subjects that are raised through out contacts and or through requests from DFES for a consolidated response. So, when a committee member and other representatives of the Association contact the unit, it’s part of our shared vision that all units are fairly represented. That, for many, will always be a work in progress but we are committed to the task.

Many may have seen that the Association elections have and are being held across the state. Thank you so much to those Volunteers who have nominated to be an advocate on behalf of all SES Units in WA. As per our Constitution, the results of the elections will be shared at the Association AGM on 12th September at Burswood. This is the Sunday morning after the WAFES Conference. I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Recently a meeting was held with DFES Deputy Commissioner Craig Waters on a number of strategic issues that will provide some answers to questions that have remained long term issues. We are told that the issues are being addressed. The proof will be in the actions taken and of course this will be shared with you in the not-too-distant future.

Important issues being raised and addressed through VA working groups are:

  • Working at Heights
  • Regional Exercises
  • Association Strategic Plan
  • SES Training including quality, availability of trainers and capability development with volunteer services to deliver our own packages.
  • Work Health and Safety Legislation and the impact on SES Volunteers

Whilst that article allows only a same insight into our activities, the more we talk with each other the better the mutual result. Many of us look at a great orange sun set daily. Me, I like the orange sun rise for new opportunity, SES now and in the future.

Take care all and I look forward to seeing many of us the WAFES Conference.




SESVA President Greg Cook
SES Volunteers Association of Western Australia Incorporated

25/08/2021 – Madeleine King MP Thank you SES

Speech 14th of August 2021 (excerpt)

Ms MADELEINE KING (Brand) (16:50): My speech tonight on the adjournment is all about giving thanks. I would like to offer my thanks, on behalf of the community and on my own behalf, to the individuals and groups that help us out and give of their time to serve the community. All Western Australians would be very well aware of the tremendous storms and heavy rainfall we’ve experienced across recent months. It is of course winter, but it has felt like a period of particularly nasty weather. With these storms have come damage to homes, businesses and properties all across Kwinana and Rockingham, in my electorate. No matter how well forewarned we may be about an imminent storm, damage is always inevitable.

Fortunately, local residents can count on the local Rockingham-Kwinana State Emergency Service volunteers to come to their aid when these wild winds rip off roofs and cause trees to fall on houses. Indeed, in one of the recent severe weather events my own home in Shoalwater flooded, as the rain was so heavy and intense it overwhelmed the gutters that we had clearly failed to clean out as well as we should have. Fortunately, we only needed a lot of towels to soak up the mess, but it is reassuring to know that the wonderful SES volunteers stand by ready to assist in severe weather.

Over recent weeks the Rockingham-Kwinana SES has helped many hundreds of local residents deal with the damage to their homes caused by these storms. It is dangerous work, it is uncomfortable work and in this weather it is of course very, very wet work. This work is all carried out by the volunteers in our community. The local SES crew help out wherever they are needed. Right now some members of the unit are in Meekatharra helping to search, in what has now been a five-day search, for a missing 83-year-old gold prospector. These local volunteers from across Kwinana and Rockingham have driven for nine hours to join this search. I thank them for their commitment and wish them the best in their efforts to locate the missing gentleman. The local SES also posts severe weather warnings on their Facebook page, and I urge residents to follow the page to get these timely updates. If you need assistance after a storm, call 132500.

Madeleine King MP Member for Brand Western Australia