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30/07/2021 – SES Regional Exercises

Regional Exercises

The SESVA has approached the DFES Commissioner about conducting an exercise in each regional each year.  The Commissioner is very supportive of the idea and has offered some assistance to enable this to happen.

The Committee to pursue this matter further are now:

Greg Cook
Lin Booth
Robert Palmer
Kirsten Beidatsch
Trevor Patton
Sarge Bottacin

If you have any suggestions, or want to be involved for your region, please contact a committee member or the Secretary 0428 612 480 0r

We are looking for a representative from each region to be on the committee.  If your region wants a regional exercise, the region needs to be involved.

SES Volunteers Association of Western Australia Incorporated

29/07/2021 – SESVA Presidents report August 2021

President Report August 2021

A month closer to warmer weather, July has past, and I think most of us would agree, it’s been wet and operationally busy again (Respect to the North of the State and envy because you have been relatively warm).  Across our large state, the Department and our communities are grateful for the SES Volunteers that choose to be part of the solution and are indeed delivering services that our communities have become reliant on.

The appreciation is being demonstrated through the correspondence that has been received from our elected leaders in the West and beyond. One thing that is true within us is that success is the sum of all our efforts no matter what role you play, it is a greater team effort to allow us all to serve within and beyond our local communities. We also only need to watch our news services to see the images and reports on our response activities.

I know we all acknowledge that this response is only a small percentage of the time that the volunteer dedicates. What of the time involved in the training and administration that is necessary to enable the response?

The past month has been extremely demanding on most of us and I ask you all to look amongst ourselves to support, recognise and compliment the ongoing dedication of your fellow volunteers. No matter what the service, no matter what the role we choose, no matter how much time we can provide, we are all contributing to the overall effort in maintaining community safety. Volunteers are the backbone, with the assistance of paid staff, in supporting our communities. Be considerate of our Natural Hazards paid staff and recognise there are roughly 140 SES volunteers to each staff member. Be patient as we are all stretched and from an SES perspective, there are so little dedicated resources in the Department to address the communities need. Times will change in the future; the Department is relatively new and is developing those from a dominated Fire Service background.

The Association is again stepping up its mandate to be in contact with units and being your advocate, but my thanks go to you for allowing our change of direction in the past 18 months. We will keep asking questions so the responses that DFES receive are your collective view, not that of only a few.

Take care one and all,

Greg Cook President SESVA

Your SES Unit will select members to attend this years WAFES conference on the 10 &11 Sept at Burswood in Perth. Your Association has been active in asking you for suggestions for a proposed SES stream what do you want to hear and see? From your feedback, this is what we have suggested to DFES Media to support our needs:

  • Results and actions leading on from the Duxton Forum. Are things being dealt with or not?
  • Legislation – the new Emergency Services Act and Regulations. What are we being told if anything?
  • SES Training and Career Development – what are and where are the holdups?
  • Working at Heights and WHS in the future – don’t leave us hanging!
  • Working as an SES volunteer in other States – What are the SES Organisations across Australia doing and how does this compare with our standards in the West?
  • Local Government Grants Scheme and Emergency Services Levy – The Local Unit experiences. The good, the bad, and the support from DFES to get local government to apply this to the SES correctly. How many different ways do local government administer our SES Funding?

28/07/2021 – Kalbarri SES News July 2021

Kalbarri SES July 2021 report



With a number of visitors in town for school holidays and large numbers of Metropolitan people travelling north for the winter there has been an influx of people in town. In the past 4 weeks we have been called upon on 4 occasions to recover bogged vehicles from locations including Wittecarra beach and the tracks along the river north of Kalbarri.

Upon attending these incidents, it is apparent that many people are attempting off road trips with poor preparation and skill sets for this type of travel. We recommend that anyone intending to drive off road including on beaches and unmade tracks, takes the following precautions:

  • Complete a off road driving training course
  • Ensure that the vehicle that they are driving is suitable for what they are attempting
  • Carry vehicle recovery equipment
  • Deflate tyres to an appropriate pressure for the conditions
  • Carry communications equipment (mobile phone, uhf radio, EPIRB)
  • Be able to identify their precise location (GPS, mobile phone app, maps)
  • Carry sufficient water, supplies and clothing
  • Know the terrain and conditions that may exist in the area
  • Let someone know where you are going, route and estimated time of return

All of these things will make the trip safer and enjoyable and make it much easier for a recovery crew to attend if required.


With rain continuing during July SES crews have attended numerous jobs involving roof leaks and damage caused by the weather. Some relief has come with insurance companies organising repairs  for TC Seroga damage by contractors. Local SES crews will continue to support residents who experience any further damage.



On the weekend Friday July 23 to Monday July26 Kalbarri SES hosted a Off Road Driving and Off Road Vehicle Recovery course at Kalbarri with 11 students from Kalbarri, Shark Bay, Northampton and Geraldton. The conditions for this course were ideal with lots of recent rain providing plenty of water crossings, mud and boggy tracks. The students spent 2 days learning the ins and outs of off road vehicles and driving techniques then 2 days of theory and practice of recovering bogged vehicles. The courses were informative and enjoyable with everyone looking forward each day to getting back to their lodgings to wash off the mud, have a hot shower and get into dry clothes!


Fortnightly training has recommenced on Tuesday nights with the next session being on August 3.


On July 18 Crown Casino held a dinner at the Kalbarri Golf Club for emergency responders involved in responding to Tropical Cyclone Seroja. It was a great night with fantastic food, several interesting speakers and a band. The Kalbarri SES unit was represented by all our volunteers and partners who had great time. Many thanks to Crown and all of the people involved in arranging this event.


Prior to attending the Crown event Kalbarri SES volunteers met at the unit headquarters where District Officer Tim DALWOOD presented medals to several members:

Loni Visser:      State Emergency Service Long Service Medal (10 years service)

Noel Visser:      State Emergency Service Long Service Medal (10 years service)

Sue STRAND:          State Emergency Service Medallion (5 years service)

Henrik STRAND:    State Emergency Service Medallion (5 years service)

Phi TUFFIN:            State Emergency Service Medallion (5 years service)


Well done to all.

28/07/2021 – Volunteer Opportunity LM Shark Bay

Volunteer Opportunity

Local Manager Shark bay SES Unit

1st August 2021


Title: Local Manager – DFES State Emergency Service

Location: 99 Durlacher Street DENHAM WA 6537

Position No: Shark Bay Unit 

Expressions of interest are invited from interested personnel wishing to be considered for this opportunity. 

About the role:

Responsible to DFES for the efficient and effective management of the emergency service function of the Unit including all aspects of management, administration, training, operations & management of the LGGS in conjunction with Local Government 

Selection Criteria 


  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills including the ability to deal with people
  • from a wide variety of backgrounds & the ability to influence stakeholders.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills.
  • Previous experience in developing and implementing policies, practices and procedures. 


  • Completion of, or working toward, Team Leader Program (formally Pathways)
  • Knowledge of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.
  • Broad knowledge of the State Emergency Service and its role.
  • Completion of AIIMS 2017 or equivalent.
  • Endorsed as a Level 1 Incident Controller or the ability to complete with 18 months.
  • Level 2 Operations Officer or working towards the qualification.
  • Experience in managing a volunteer organization. 

To apply for this position please forward 

  1. A maximum of 3 pages addressing the selection criteria.
  2. A recent copy of your current CV; and
  3. The names of two referees who can attest to your suitability to this role.

This opportunity is open to volunteers only. You are encouraged to pass the details of this

vacancy on to people who may be interested in applying.

Please email your application to: ,

Please reference as LM Shark Bay SES Unit application.

Close Date: 4.00pm September 4, 2021 

Note: Applications received after the closing date and verbal expressions of interest will NOT be accepted

For further information about the position contact A/ District Officer Phil Bresser 0427 002715 or

As the Local Manager for the Shark Bay SES, you will be responsible for – 


  • Manages the functions of the State Emergency Service Unit.
  • Prepares the Unit Development plan, including personal development of members.
  • Manages assets, financial, human and technological resources of the Unit.
  • Ensures Unit compliance with DFES Policies and Doctrine.
  • Mentors’ members in other leadership roles and identifies succession planning
  • Examines opportunities for development of the Unit through innovation.
  • Participates in regional management and development forums.


  • Ensures the effective direction of Unit resources during operations.
  • Maintains liaison with the Local Emergency Coordinator and other relevant services.
  • Informs the DFES COMCEN, Regional Duty Coordinator or the On-Call DO, as
  • appropriate, of Unit activations and forwards Situation Reports as required.
  • Ensures Incident Reports are completed / submitted. 


  • Approves Unit Training Program.
  • Approves Unit Exercise Schedule. 

Emergency Management

  • Participates as a member of the Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC).
  • Advises on Unit operational capability as a part of the planning process.
  • Oversees community awareness and preparation for Hazard Management Agency roles
  • and responsibilities. 


  • Ensures Non-Operational Activity Reports are completed / submitted.
  • Forwards a Unit quarterly report and an annual report to LG as required.
  • Develops annual budget submission in consultation with LG and DO.
  • Ensures preparation of annual stock take of all equipment & consumables.
  • Ensures the preparation of asset register annually.
  • Oversees Unit administration.


28/07/2021 – SESVA Newsletter for August 2021

Articles in this Month's Edition

Click the Newsletter button above to read these articles in full. There is many more articles, letters and import information for SES Volunteers in WA in the newsletter.

From the President

A month closer to warmer weather, July has past, and I think most of us would agree, it’s been wet and operationally busy again (Respect to the North of the State and envy because you have been relatively warm).
Across our large state, the Department and our communities are grateful for the SES Volunteers that choose to be part of the solution and are indeed delivering services that our communities have become reliant on.  

Chief Officer for SES

The SESVA have spoken with the Minister for Emergency Services, the Commissioner and the Shadow Minister for Emergency Services regarding a Chief Officer and supporting structure for the SES.  These discussions about a Chief Officer and supporting structure have been undertaken in a professional manner and have assisted in building understanding relationships with all parties involved.

Regional Exercises

The SESVA has approached the Commissioner about conducting an exercise in each regional each year.  The Commissioner is very supportive of the idea and has offered some assistance to enable this to happen.

Building Networks

The SESVA have been communicating with the Country Women’s Association, Community Resource Centres and the WA Local Government
Association as well as Local Government Councillors and CEO’s to raise awareness of the SES in their areas, and to bolster general awareness that the SES Units are Community Based and very much a part of local communities.

SESVA Annual General Meeting

The SESVA Annual General Meeting will be held on the Sunday after the WAFES Conference in September 2021.  Keep an eye out for the official notification which will be sent to all Units shortly, and also ensure your Unit votes in the election which will commence in a week or so’s time.  Details will be provided to Units shortly.

Working at Heights

As most SES Volunteers are aware, or should be, there have been major changes in the way we work at heights.  And more changes will be coming.
DFES have formed a PAT to review and investigate the effects of the coming legislation and how all services within DFES will work at heights.
The SESVA as also formed a subcommittee to work with SES Volunteers, and to keep them informed about this matter.

Jack’s Award

Jack Van Voorst is 16.  He is currently a member of the Warradagee Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade, a junior member of the Moora State Emergency Service and student councillor at Central Midlands Senior High School.  On the night of Monday 28th of June, Jack was being driven home to Warradagee. Travelling along the Brand Hwy near Badgingara, Jack saw an elderly man beside the road. Jack’s mum, Mandy, was eager to get home as it was late. He insisted his mum turn around to check on the man. 

SESVA Bus Available

The SESVA has a 10 seater Toyota Coaster bus available for use by and location at an SES Unit in WA.  There are strict requirements for the use of the bus, and if your Unit would like the bus located at their premises for their use, please contact the Secretary for the criteria for the Expression of Interest document which needs to be completed.

23/07/2021 – National Volunteer Sustainability Blueprint

On behalf of the AFAC Volunteer Management Technical Group (VMTG), I would like to invite you to participate in a scoping consultation that is gauging the level of stakeholder support for developing a National Volunteer Sustainability Blueprint for the emergency management sector. More information is available in the attached Information Statement.

An important principle underpinning the consultation is inclusion of a strong volunteer voice.

The consultation is targeted to stakeholder representative groups at national and state/territory levels. As such, it is not likely to be relevant for grassroots volunteers, but it will be of interest to association leadership teams in each state and territory.

The primary output will be a decision about appropriate next steps towards developing a National Volunteer Sustainability Blueprint that best reflects stakeholder preferences. 

To participate, stakeholders will first need to read the attached Discussion Paper and then provide their feedback via one of the following options:

  1. Online survey – Complete the online submission survey available at It includes a quick (5 min) option and a full (10-25 min) option.
  2. Printed submission form – Print the attached submission form to collect handwritten feedback in meetings. You can scan and return it to me by email, or return a hardcopy by post.
  3. Verbal feedback – Email me to arrange a time for me to collect feedback by phone or via videoconference, e.g., at a team meeting.

The consultation period will close promptly on Tuesday, 27th July.

Blythe McLennan

Research Fellow

Centre for Urban Research
School of Global, Urban and Social Studies

RMIT University

GPO Box 2476

Melbourne, VIC 3001, Australia

m: 0406-059-510