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20/02/2013 – SESVA Meets With Commissioner


The DFES Commissioner Wayne Gregson APM recently invited the Association to his office to discuss a recent article placed on the Association website.  President David Price and Secretary Gordon Hall attended this meeting.  They took along Darren Brown who has been engaged to assist the Association in strategic communications.  Darren is a registered lobbyist with the Government.

The Commissioner wanted to go through the preamble and all of the 48 dot points of the document compiled after the Association legislation briefing in Perth on 31 January this year.  There have been some positive outcomes and there are other points that DFES and ther Association do not agree on.  The meeting went for more than 2 hours and the three attendees had a debrief soon after.  The Association Committee will be discussing this meeting and the outcomes shortleyh

The Association is expected to provide a report in due course


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