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29/01/2013 – Menzies search operation suspended


Police have suspended the search for 46 year old Michael Keith Graham,missing in the Menzies area, pending further information or evidence becoming available. An intense search of over 1500 square kilometres has taken place over the past 12 days using various aircraft (including night vision technology),  SES volunteers, Police Emergency Operations Unit search specialists, Police Mounted Section, Police Motorcycles and Tactical Response Group Trackers.

The survival packs that have been placed at strategic locations will be monitored over the next 7-10 days.  The various search techniques implemented dictate that the Mr Graham would have a very high probability of being discovered if he was within the search area alive.  Part of the search area is a mine site and people need to be aware that they should not enter the site without express written permission. 

Police recommend that people camping or working in remote areas should always carry an EPIRB in the event of an emergency.

Mr Graham’s disappearance continues as a Missing Person investigation.