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16/01/2013 – Karlgarin hit by storm Update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

State Emeregency Service and Volunteer Emeregency Service volunteers have worked to help people in Kalgarin in the Great Southern recover after destructive storms caused damage to up to 12 buildings in the small community.    Buildings suffered significant roof damage, including the local school, post office and caravan park.
Hyden VES volunteers were supported by local emergency services volunteers. DFES staff are in Kalgarin this morning assessing the full extent of the damage.
A storm has swept through the Great Southern town of Karlgarin, ripping roofs off homes and buildings.  Authorities say the front hit the town about 5:00 pm, bringing heavy rain and strong winds of up to 90 km an hour.

Nigel Elliott from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services says nearby crews have been called in to help with the clean-up.  “We have sent local crews from the nearest brigade of Hyden to go and assist at that community,” he said.  “They have reported that around about eight buildings have lost roofs, which include the post office, school and also a series of dongas in a local caravan park.

“The storm front was reported to be approximately about 10 km wide and was fairly localised in regards to its destructive winds and rain.

At this time the SESVA is unaware of which SES Units are  involved and the number of SES Volunteers deployed.


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