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15/01/2013- Review for developing a single comprehensive Emergency Services Act.

DFES to conduct a review for developing a single comprehensive Emergency Services Act.

The Association has sent a letter and email to all SES Units today on the subject above.  DFES have advised the Association that there has been a review initiated into the various Acts that they are involved in, with a view to developing a single comprehensive Emergency Services Act.

It is DFES’s intention to gather data early in 2013 to enable them to put together what they believe should be in a single Emergency Services Act.  The State Emergency Service has a long history of working in and with the communities and their culture has been built up over many years. SES Volunteers will need to think long and hard what they want changed and what they want left as it is.

The Association does not know what DFES intend putting into a single Act however, from past experience and history we will all need to be very cautious about what is placed into a new act.  The Association, to assist SES Volunteers in being well informed, will be conducting a special meeting to discuss any issues that the Volunteers may have in relation to developing a single Emergency Services Act

In a letter and email sent to all SES Units the Association is inviting Unit Managers, Deputy Managers, Training Managers and other interested Volunteers to a meeting on this subject.  Please see the email or letter and provide comment and feedback to your Unit Manager and Association Representatives on this very important matter.   Please be aware that notes and feedback from this meeting will be placed on the web soon after the meeting.

Please feel free to contact your area representative, any committee member or the undersigned to discuss further.
Gordon Hall