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08/01/2013 – Rottnest Island Search Update

Police and SES Volunteers  have concluded the search for human remains on Rottnest Island, where a human head wrapped in a plastic bag was found.  Police and SES volunteers finished their search of the beach and rocks at Porpoise Bay as detectives continued to investigate the identity of the man whose head was discovered by a holidaying family.

Divers had been drafted in to search the waters adjacent to the beach this morning, as SES Volunteers and police scoured the sand.  Porpoise Bay, which had been cordoned off after it was declared a protected forensic area, has now been reopened to the public.  The area was closed after the head, double wrapped in a plastic bag, was found by a family as they combed the beach on Sunday afternoon.

A WA police spokeswoman said there had been no major developments.  “The search in Rottnest has concluded with the majority of SES Volunteers returning to Perth via ferry this afternoon,” she said.


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