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21/12/2012 – SES Toyota HiAce Commuter Bus Warning – Fuel leak

SES Toyota HiAce Commuter Bus Warning – Fuel leak

A fuel leak has been found in the DFES fleet issued Toyota HiAce Commuter bus at Gosnells SES. Last week a fuel leak was observed from under the Gosnells SES Unit bus after parking on a slope at a search. The City of Gosnells investigated and found that the fitting of the cargo barrier in the bus had punctured the fuel tank causing fuel to collect in the spare wheel rim. It was the parking of the bus on the slope that caused the collected fuel to spill out.
DFES has been advised, however the SES  volunteers at Gosnells suggest that other units with this type of vehicle conduct safety checks.

Submitted and authorised by Phillip Petersen ESM


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