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19/12/2012 – SESVA Website Upgrade

Yes you are right the SESVA website has changed and is presently being upgraded to make it much easier for you to view on portable devices such as Iphones and IPads.  Also the presentation of the site has also changed.  The upgrading process needs to happen in a few stages and you might see that some items are not just right at this time but will be fixed over the next few days.

As the webmaster I would like to thank all those members who have taken the time and effort to send me items to post on the web site. 

As you may have noticed over the time that the website site has been operating that my seplling( only joking) and grammar is far from perfect, as I have been reminded on more than a few occasions.  So, the more you can write the better.

The popularity of this site has increased  this last year, with hits from many sources including from WA, Interstate and Internationally. 

Please keep the posts coming so this website remains interesting and informative and not a cobweb.

Season’s greetings to you and yours may you have a very merry Christmas and a safe new year.

John Capes Webmaster


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