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11/12/2012 – Redmond State Forest Land Search and Rescue Operation Updated !!!!!

The missing quad bike rider in Redmond State Foresthas been located.  He has some injuries and is being taken by ambulance to hospital. At this time the exact circumstances that led to him being injured are not known.

A Land Search and Rescue operation will continue this morning in the Redmond State Forest. Police from Albany and Mt Barker were joined by State Emergency Service volunteers last night after a 26 year old man was reported missing.  The man was with a group of others and was last seen on a quad bike just after 3pm. After he failed to return half an hour later the group went searching for him and when they realised they were not going to find him they contacted police about 6:30pm. The search crews worked through the night and the SES Volunteers were stood down to have a break about 3:30am this morning, with the search continuing from 7:00am today.  While it is not yet confirmed, we have received information that suggests he may have been involved in a crash, which obviously raises our concerns even higher. Additional resources will be deployed this morning, including a search plane from Albany.


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