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03/12/2012 – SES Special series number plates

Time is running out for the SES special series number plates.   If you would like to have your own set of SES number plates the time to act is now as in the near future the plates will not be available.  The purpose of the plates is to increase the recognition of the SES volunteers in WA.  A picture of the plate design is given below.  Please note that a maximum of two digits is permitted by the Department of Transport at this time. 

A set of two plates costs $185.00 which covers the charges set by the Department of Transport and administration.   The SESVA is the registered owner of the plate design and has to apply to the Department to Transport for the plate issue.  All applications for the plates must be made through the SESVA; Individual applications for this special plate’s series to the Department of Transport will not be accepted.

The application process is very simple and involves:

  • You will need to check the SESVA Website to confirm if the desired number is available, download the application form (from the applications page), complete the form and send to the SESVA with payment (cheque or EFT).
  • The Association will process your application and send it to the Department of Transport.
  • The Department of Transport will contact you when the plates are ready to be collected from the Licensing Centre nominated by you. This usually takes an average of 2 to 3 weeks




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