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01/10/2012 – News from Kalbarri SES

Mac Holt from Kalbarri SES reports that in addition to an early morning call out, regular training, equipment and vehicle maintenance, the largest involvement for the Kalbarri SES unit was at the MidWest/Gascoyne Regional multi-unit weekend exercise.  The readiness and ability testing of volunteers in the scenarios confirmed that the Region has the capability to successfully deploy teams to remote locations effectively. Lessons learnt ? The importance of mapping skills and the increasing use of technology (GPS devices, new WAERN radios, computers, etc) emphasised the old saying ‘use it or lose it’. Regular and continuous retraining and familiarisation with all SES equipment from rope gear to technology items is important to be able to use it effectively when needed. 

View the full report=====>Kalbarri-SES-Report-2012-10.pdf


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