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23/08/2012 – News from the SES Canine Section

4th and 5th August, 2012

The first weekend of August saw the Canine Section travel to Albany to join the Albany SES for a training weekend. Despite rain in the lead up to the weekend, Albany put on ideal weather conditions; sunshine and enough wind for the dogs to work with. The joining of units meant the Canine Section had the ‘bodies’ to hide in areas of plantation and bush for a variety of searches.

Under the direction of the Canine Section Training Coordinator, Ian Spreckley, members of the Albany SES (at times 2-6 at once) were placed in certain areas for the K9 teams (handlers and dogs) to find.

On Saturday training was conducted from early morning, through to the evening with short breaks for refreshments and meals. Sunday’s training included some fun searches at a superb location that featured varying terrain, bush and also swampland.

All agreed highlights of the training weekend was the night training at a local golf course and also the meals that everyone looked forward to in between training exercises. Overall, it was a successful weekend and enjoyed by all involved.

Special thanks to Ian Spreckley, the Albany SES, Glenys Nottle, the WA SES Canine Section and other ‘bodies’ who gave up their weekend to volunteer. Also many thanks to Andrea who was our photographer and ‘body’ for the weekend.

Some pictures of the weekend:




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