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07/08/2012 – Flare fired at RAC Rescue helicopter

The pilot of the RAC Rescue helicopter reported seeing a flare fired at the chopper as it neared Jandakot Airport last night.  A police spokeswoman said the pilot alerted authorities to a green flare which he believed was fired at the helicopter and came within 30m to 70m of the chopper just after 8pm.  The helicopter was en route to the airport after attending an emergency near Mt Barker in the south of the state when the flare was spotted, but landed safely shortly after.

Police believed the flare was fired from an area within about 800m of the airport, but a search the area failed to find anything suspicious.  The spokeswoman said it was possible the the pilot had seen a firework, not a flare.  However anybody convicted of an offence of causing alarm to a pilot, aircraft or vessel is liable to three years jail and a fine up to $36,000 and conviction for endangering the safety of an aircraft carries a 20 year jail term.   

Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


RAC Rescue Helicopter


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