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05/08/2012 – Gonells SES recieve donation


Gosnells SES recently welcomed the donation of 3 new mountain bikes to assist with our land search role.   The Gosnells SES have for some time had several pushbikes which have been used for this purpose. These bikes were purchased when funding was difficult to come by and as a consequence, the bikes we purchased were not of a high calibre and often broke down when they were needed most, during a search.

Recently a member of the public enquired as to why we were using these bikes and why we haven’t upgraded them for a better quality. A quick explanation sufficed and they went away, better informed but still bemused as to why we persist with an inferior product.  Several weeks later they reappeared at the Gosnells SES unit during a training evening and asked if they could make a donation to our unit. They presented us with 3 brand new, high quality, purpose built, 16gear, mountain bikes.

Gosnells SES is regularly called to search for lost people and sometimes, property. This usually involves walking through the bush or tracks, which is slow and labour intensive.  Another method we use is to search using pushbikes along paths, roads and in parks. They enable us, in some environments, to search a vast area, relatively quickly and with minimal effort.

“Our effectiveness in searches has been greatly enhanced with these new bikes” says Gosnells SES Manager Paul Hollamby.  The gift will be a valuable addition to assist us in our role to support our community.  They were completely unexpected and as such came as a welcome surprise and demonstrates that good community spirit still exists in the City of Gosnells.


The new bikes


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