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23/07/2012 – SES Awards Night news from SESVA

The SES Awards Night ( Sorry about the delay in posting)

There has been a lot of discussion on social media and the FESA P2P concerning the SES Awards night.   I would like to take this opportunity to give you an understanding of the circumstances around the changes from the SESVA perspective.

FESA approached the SESVA earlier this year to raise the issue of the awards night and changes to the format of the night; the main reasons cited for the changes were cost of the event.  FESA first proposal was to amalgamate the awards night into the FESA conference program as this would lower the cost and still retain the awards. The SESVA rejected this proposal from the outset as the SESVA insisted that the SES Awards is for all members of the service and not just for those attending the conference.

After discussions with FESA the idea of holding a formal cocktail style event immerged instead of the sit down function of past years.

The cocktail function would be held between 7-12pm on the Friday night preceding the FESA Conference.  A generous drinks package would be included together with substantial food in the form of hot finger food and canapés. The formal side of the awards night would be streamlined allowing more time for social interaction. Also FESA is endeavouring to reduce the admission cost to volunteers who attend the awards night.  One of the benefits of the awards night coinciding with the FESA conference would be the opportunity for more country SES volunteers to attend than have in past years.

 The venue proposed is Fraser’s in King’s Park which went through extensive renovations for last year for CHOGM conference unlike the past venue which seems to be a continual construction site and other security issues that plagued the venue.

This is not a perfect outcome for the SES Awards but this still gives the SES Volunteers a stand-alone event to recognize our members for their outstanding service we provide to the community of WA. I encourage all members of the service that were considering not attending  to do so, when it comes down to it it’s not the venue or FESA, it’s the members of the SES that make it the great night it has become.


David Price
President SESVA

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