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17/09/2012 – News from the Mandurah SES Unit


Thank you all for volunteering your time to be members of the Mandurah SES and supporting me in my role. I really appreciate the extra work that a number of our volunteers do to make our unit run smoothly and efficiently. Many hours of work and preparation go into all facets of an active SES unit. Our much loved Deputy Manager Paul is doing outstanding work for us and we have the best most dedicated training team in W.A – Will, Phil, Ross, Barry, Phil Rance, Trevor and Lisa. All sections are running well and training hard. Debbie, John, Mark and Laura are all doing outstanding work in leading their specialist teams.

Time marches on and so does the development and growth of our unit. We now have over 50 volunteers who are training hard and contributing so much to our community and unit. Welcome to all our new members thanks for joining and taking the time to be part of our team.

We have one of the largest cadet groups with over 90 young people involved over 6 days of the week. This is our 26th year of operation an outstanding achievement in anybodies books. Our 12 volunteer instructors are doing a terrific job in training and supporting the students in their first experience of volunteering.

I am very proud of our unit and the reliable reputation that you all have worked so hard to achieve. Keep up the good work, be kind to and support one another – remember we are all on the same team ( except for the footy tipping competition ) and enjoy being a member of one of the most successful SES units in W.A.

So until next time it is goodbye from me and remember, I am always there to support you and make sure your volunteering experience is rewarding and positive.  Since writing the above we have experienced the June 10th once in a decade super storm. Mandurah and Rockingham were the worst affected areas. In Mandurah we dealt with over 350 calls for assistance.  Once again this event proved to our SES Units finest hour. Our volunteers went out of their way to assist and put in many hours of volunteer work. A special thank you to all those dedicated volunteers who gave 110% effort.

Mandurah owes you all a debt of gratitude. When the chips were down and our need was greatest you were all there to be counted and made a real difference to the success of the operation.

I am very proud of you all for your outstanding efforts. Mandurah does not know how lucky they are to have such dedicated, well trained volunteers to support them in their hour of greatest need. You saved the day and saved the city from extensive damage and avoided a catastrophe. Our units reputation was further enhanced by your actions.  So well done Mandurah SES volunteers you are well and truly the best of the best.

View the full report =======> Mandurah SES Issue 3 – July.pdf 


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