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29/06/2012 – A poem for the SES

I was inspired to write this short poem as a way of thanking the men and women of the SES for all they have done this week and on all those other occasions that they are needed.
Craig A. Waterman

An Orange Angel

They said a storm was coming; we got ready as best we could.  When the rain and then the wind came, we’d done everything we could.  We sat and waited quietly, as nature’s fury began to build.  When she finally let us have it, with terror our hearts were filled.   The windows began to rattle and the tiles began to sing.

My vision then exploded, as the ceiling tumbled in.

We all began to panic.  It’s just wind and rain and noise.  I am now huddled in the bathroom, with the wife and my two boys. We waited there for hours, ‘til the fury did abate.  But I sensed there’d still be danger, so we settled in to wait.

Then we heard a big gruff voice yell, “is anybody here?” body here?” And suddenly an angel, dressed in orange did appear.  With a smile and then a knowing nod, he said “please come with me”.

We walked out of our front door, in to an orange sea.  The angels they were everywhere, with chainsaws and with tarps.  They handed us warm blankets and they truly stole our hearts.  The Angels they soon disappeared, another mission had their call.

I knew that when they got there, they’d give it got there, they’d give it their bloody all.  So if you know an orange angel, don’t forget to say “Cheers mate”.
‘Cause when trouble strikes, these men and women, will be standing at your gate.

This is dedicated to the men and women who volunteer in the State Emergency Services around Australia.

Published in the Mandurah Mail, Mandurah WA
21 June 2012