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30/05/2012 – Gosnells SES support RSL on Anzac Day

The Gosnells SES’ has it has for many years, supported the Gosnells RSL with Anzac Day Dawn Service. We are not the only group, with Rotary, Scouts and the City of Gosnells helping the Veterans enjoy this sacred day.  This year, as in previous years, the Gosnells SES, especially Phil Petersen, prepared those marching, to form and begin the proceedings. Phil’s organisation skills went further this year. The march was scheduled to start at 6.30, but could not start because the Police had not arrived to block off Albany Highway.

Quick thinking Phil sent another SES volunteer to flag down a passing Police car as it was driving by.  The police officers’ saw an orange person running and flagging them down.  Apparently, their first thoughts were that there must be a significant incident. They understood the task that was required of them and assisted by closing off the Highway to traffic and the march began.

The weather for the day was excellent, very little wind and not too cold. By chance, from the start of the New Zealand national anthem through to the conclusion of the Australian national anthem, both national flags where filled with wind and flew, as though a greater force recognised the significance of the moment not as though they were made of cloth, but rather a sheet of steel. This further compounded the feeling you get of a shiver up your spine when hearing the feeling you get when hearing the last post and reveille 

This year’s event seemed to have larger than usual attendance of state and federal politicians’, all that have some of the City of Gosnells their electorate.  This turnout reinforced the community respect for of Anzac Day and the important local recognition.

The Gosnells State Emergency Service is proud to support the Gosnells RSL.