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13/05/2012 – Mothers Day 2012

The SESVA President David Price and Committee Members wish Mothers everywhere a happy and safe Mothers day



The beauty of nature is forever seen
By oh so many, who don’t know what they mean
The beauty of the trees and their enormous heights
The beauty of the birds and their gift of flight

The sun, moon and stars are God sent lights
Most things we take for granted are beautiful sights
The beauty of them all and the beauty of others
Are no comparisons in the beauty of mothers

They are God’s most precious gift to humanity
The most worked, yet least rewarded thing to be
With all that we put them through, they seldom complain
All the things they do for us, we still view them the same

Have you ever tried to put yourself in her place
When you say your unkind words or grin and make fun to her face
What goes around, comes around, my mom used to say
Well mom, I understand what you meant fully, today

All the love you have shown me, and the unappreciated talks years ago
Are all fresh in my mind, because I’m a mom now, you know
I love you more every minute, every hour and every day that rolls around
I entered into motherhood blindfolded, and God knows what I found

Thank you mom, for what you tried to tell me and forgive me all my wrongs
Thank you for not giving up on me my whole life long
You mean so very much to me, I’m sorry it took so long to say
My beautiful, understanding mother, have a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY


And to my Mum happy mothers day and I miss you.


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