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03/05/2012 – SES Blood Donors wanted

Opportunities exist for those keen to be the subjects of gentle and caring vampires!! Great reward will be offered for those who choose to accept this mission.

A CLUB RED blood donation group has been set up for WA SES at Red Cross. Please join the group by signing up. In doing this, we can monitor the performance of our group and see how many lives we have saved. One person’s blood can save three lives! If keen, we can take this one step further and ask our eastern state cousins (who have already set up their own group) for a BLOOD CHALLENGE and see who donates the most towards the end of the challenge period. 

As a group, we are not required to donate at the same time but can donate wherever, and whenever. This will count towards the group’s tally when you show your 

“Donor ID”. You may join, or withdraw from the group at any time. 

If you fulfil the criteria for donation, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Obtain your “Donor ID”. If you’ve previously donated, you would have received a “Donor ID”. If you don’t have one, call 13 14 95 or visit your local donor centre with personal identification (e.g. drivers licence or Medicare card). You will be asked a few questions to ensure your eligibility for donation. 

Step 2: Join the group. Once you have your “Donor ID” go to:


   (ii) Click on “Group Donations – Club Red”. This will bring you to another page.

   (iii) Click on “Join/change your Club Red Group” OR “Join a club red group online”.

   (iv) Name of the “Organisation or group” is called: WA State Emergency Service. 

Step 3: Tell your friends and family. This group has been registered so that friends, family, and past members may join the challenge and not just current members. 


Any questions please contact me (Hwee) at or alternatively visit the Red Cross website at


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