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03/05/2012 – Belmont SES Assists at Car v House

Kensington FRS called Belmont SES  for some assistance  for a Car Vs House. A Learner driver crashed into the front of a house in East Victoria Park Wednesday morning. A police spokesman said the 47-year-old L-plater panicked and hit the accelerator instead of the brakes before smashing into the front of the house about 9am. Marie Barnes, 80, said she was close to where the car crashed into the screen door. “I had just got out of bed and was putting the phone back on the hook when the car arrived at the front door,” Mrs Barnes said.  It knocked down the front pillars, I’m insured but she’s not insured.”  Belmont SES volunteers assisted by propping the front patio and replacing roof tiles that had been dislodged on impact. 




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