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13/04/2012 – Community Development Justice Standing Committee (CDJSC) – TRAUMA HEARINGS

To all SES Volunteers and Units

The SES Volunteers Association (SESVA) has been given the opportunity to address the Community Development Justice Standing Committee (CDJSC) – TRAUMA HEARINGS on 2 May 2012 and I have taken on the responsibility of preparing the presentation.   To assist me with my presentation to the CDJSC I would appreciate any evidence that you consider suitable to present to the hearing.  Tony Gorman is the chair of that Committee and is looking into trauma of people in various agencies.

This is a great opportunity for the SESVA to make a positive contribution to this committee and the future peer support/well being of our volunteers.  The main point of consideration is the current Peer Support network for SES Volunteers effective and still supporting SES volunteers.

Why or why not?

Is FESA meeting its obligations to support volunteers in time of crisis at a community, unit or personal level or is there a lack of peer support to RCR/RAR and other SES teams when needed?  Are there any situations (real evidence) where peer support worked well for volunteers?  Is there any recent situations/evidence where lack of peer support could have made an “improved” difference to a volunteer’s life in your opinion? 

Do you consider a “peer support” system of experienced SES volunteers throughout SES units supported by a professional support system?

Better than:

A team of professional’s councillors that can be contacted for assistance?  Have you ever seen a FESA counsellor out on the job, so to speak?

Do you have any ideas that might improve the delivery of “Peer Support” to volunteers when they are faced with trauma or have faced trauma.  Also remember this support is intended to be available for your family.

The issues you raise should be verifiable and/or repeatable (so not personal opinions or 3rd hand anecdotes)

Please respond by 25 April 2012 so that I have time to collate the material in time for meeting on 2 May 2012.
Phillip Petersen ESM
SES Metro Representative for SES Volunteers Association

My contact details are:
Tel.       0409 04 8898