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13/03/2012 – Veterans Retreat offer

Veterans Retreats of Western Australia (Inc)
This is to inform SES volunteers who have a past life in the military or a career in fire, police or ambulance emergency service.  Some veterans have formed a group (Veterans Retreats of Western Australia (Inc) to provide retreat for veterans who might benefit from some open space and solitude. It is to meet the needs of Veterans and Para-Military Veterans who are still suffering from their operational experiences and no Government authority has ever addressed their needs such as a respite for us to chill out.

Meentheena Cattle Station is 75kms from Marble Bar, the hottest place in Australia and is situated on the Nullagine River. The Nullagine is a fresh water river that flows in the wet and flows underground in the dry, appearing in billabongs that have a permanent fish population. The whole 695,000 acres would have to be a photographer, artist, prospector, fisherman, conservationist, bushwalker and bird watcher’s dream (along with those who just want peace and quiet).

The structure on the station is very sound and needs minimal completion to be brought up to a standard for use. There is a camp kitchen that is in good condition and other structures and yards that can be used. Camping will be the mainstay there and the accommodation will be for the disabled and the frail with a R.A.P. (Regimental Aid Post or First Aid Post) for emergencies.

The Department of Environment and Conservation is going to make sure it is accessible by conventional vehicles and caravans. The first camp from the bitumen is 3kms on the western side and to the eastern camp, a further 4kms. From Perth it is approximately 1450kms, with the shortest route going through Nullagine and a further 6 hours if visitors stick to the bitumen.

Any veterans interested in this facility should contact:
Norm Whitburn. President VR of WA (Inc)

The constitution of Veterans Retreats of Western Australia (Inc) does not currently include non ex military or career volunteers of any of the emergency services, however if there is a volunteer who feels this facility maybe of benefit to them, then a personal application should be made to Veterans Retreats of Western Australia (Inc) for consideration.

Material by Phillip Petersen   ESM                    


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