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19/02/2012 – WAERN Issues

The SESVA has been asked by the Department of  Premier and Cabinet to compile a list of WAERN issues for discussion with FESA in the near future.   It seems that as far as FESA is concerned the WAERN project is in the finishing stages and there are NO major issues, which is definitely not the opinion expressed by some volunteers and units.

To ensure there is sufficient documented information to take back to FESA.  The SESVA  requests you provide ASAP any issues that you are aware of (even if we have already discussed them) but please be mindful of the following criteria:

Describe the issue briefly, but identify what causes the issue (technical failure, non-compatible equipment, shortage of equipment, training issue, etc)

  • The issue should be verifiable and/or repeatable (so not personal opinions or 3rd hand anecdotes)
  • Where possible identify who has the issue (so we can go back to the person/brigade/unit and work on a solution)
  • Identify if the problem has already been referred to District Managers etc
  • Identify any potential solutions if known

Please have any responses back to the SESVA by Thursday   23 February 2012.  Please send your comments to  Sorry about the short notice but this has just been bought to the attention of the SESVA.


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