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15/02/2012 – Comments from volunteers about the SES training Issue

The following Comments have been sent to the SESVA on the SES Training issue and the response by FESA.  If you wish to add your comments please email them to:

Comment 1

I have now read FESAs response.  I am told DARREN KLEMM ACOO PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT is real nice guy, but already in his new career and in this case his letter has failed to address the issues expressed to him.   If FESA had a review in 2009 and they are now just acting on that (and who was to say that consultant was right,,, FESA is showing a habit of getting consultants to write things to support someone in FESA’s opinion rather than what would be good of organisation…eg recent review of ATVs). However the action is without any customer (specifically SES volunteers) consultation at any stage that I am aware.  Really….. (something about pulling the wool over our eyes!!!)  FESA is so busy trying to be different to other states emergency services, that it’s in its own non state of well being.  Give us a SES division with a champion who will stand up for us (the SES and its volunteers) and the WA communities we serve……………………

Comment 2

I personally don’t think SES fit into the restructure of FESA at all in training or any other area, we cover too broad a range of hazards and none of them include fire.  They don’t know what we can do for our community, they don’t have the will or means to acknowledge our experience and other qualifications. The path is very much one of least risk to them with very little bearing on the volunteers or potential service delivery let alone the flow on positives in retention by looking after the volunteers making things easier for them and even helping them enjoy their volunteering!
After 12 years I am less qualified now than 7 years ago because I am a tl so my role focuses on looking after my team members and it is too hard to have my own skills recognised, I am not a fan of redoing courses just to get back qualifications that a 30 min assessment could prove I have!

Comment 3

I have looked at the letter by FESA about the training of us volunteers.  It says nothing!!!!!  When are they going to get their act together
I read in the paper the other day where the new chief says that he is giving all the firies a helmet torch and this will change the culture
What a whole lot of rubbish.  What about the volunteers who protect and support their communities.  Everything appears to have ground to a halt within FESA, especially for Volunteers.  Volunteers do not figure in the Police Models or FESA’s models!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment 4

I am absolutely appalled at the attitude of FESA with regard to volunteers.  FESA was formed to coordinate emergency services, not just career firefighters, but to include the 30,000 odd volunteers throughout the State.  When do the volunteers get the same respect and benefits as the career firefighters?  In my opinion the volunteers should be more respected as they are “VOLUNTEERS” and DO NOT GET PAID FOR THE SERVICES THEY PROVIDE.  The State of Western Australia could not afford these dedicated people and they deserve more respect.
FESA’s response to the SES Volunteer Association article regarding the downgrading of training at Forrestfield is another case of using a huge amount of words to say absolutely nothing!!  It seems to be a favourite ploy of FESA, hoping we will all get bored and go away.  IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.
Volunteers were here long before FESA came into being and I believe they will be long after this latest debacle is finished.  Unfortunately those in the positions to make the decisions have never been volunteers and do not understand what it means to volunteer. FESA needs to realise that trying to make itself into a second Police Department is not going to work.  If we wa nted to be Policemen we would have joined the Police Force!  I am with the person who said give us our own SES Division, run by SES for SES and let us get on with providing a valuable service to the people of Western Australia.  Take a long look at  yourself those in charge at FESA, you need the volunteers more than the volunteers need you.


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