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06/02/2012 – Gosnells SES GPS Workshop(more updates)

How do I use this gadget!                                        

Phillip Petersen SESVA Committee member reports that Gosnells SES Unit hosted a GPS familiarisation workshop on Sunday morning. This was initiated by the Operations Officer at Gosnells, Graham Fixter.  The idea was to educate more volunteers on how to use a GPS correctly. So there was discussion about using correct map datum’s and some other basics of using a GPS.

Held at Hillside Farm which is on the edge of Darling Scarp in the City of Gosnells, there was a variety of terrain and locations for learning and to challenge volunteers.

There were 39 volunteers who participated. They were from the following  SES units:

  • Armadale;
  • Canning;
  • Communications Support Unit;
  • Gosnells;
  • Kalamunda;
  • North Shore;
  • Rockingham;
  • Stirling;
  • Swan.


Some Pictures taken during the Workshop


Raelene, Mark & Annette and from Rockingham SES Unit

The boys from Stirling SES Unit

The girls from Armadale SES Unit

If only this gadget would understand me !

Graham Fixter of Gosnells SEs Unit has a hard earned drink of tea.



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