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26/01/2012 – Australia Day Awards

The following have been awarded the EMERGENCY SERVICES MEDAL (ESM) in todays Australia Day Awards. The following is the extract from the Governor general’s webs site:

 Mr Leslie Alexander HAYTER,          Mr Hayter has displayed outstanding dedication and leadership towards training in the State Emergency Service (SES) in Western Australia, particularly in aligning SES training to National Standards to assist the Fire and Emergency Services Authority (FESA) to gain Registered Training Organisation status. Mr Hayter joined the Karratha SES Unit in 1990 and his aptitude for training was immediately apparent. He transferred to the Swan SES in late 1993 where he was soon appointed Training Manager. Mr Hayter then joined the SES/FESA as a permanent officer in 2000, later transferring to the FESA Training Centre in Forrestfield as Training and Development Officer. Mr Hayter’s passion for Road Crash Rescue (RCR)/Road Accident Rescue training led him to play an integral role in the transition of RCR training to a competency-based training course. The training package that was developed was implemented throughout the SES and also through Career and Volunteer Fire and Rescue. He was appointed to the role of Manager Training and Development in 2004 and, since then, the level of training for SES volunteers and the standard of training resource kits available have improved dramatically. Mr Hayter has been the driving force behind the conversion from the former Training Resource Packages to the new and improved Training Resource Kits, where the training delivered is nationally recognised under an accredited system. Many of the Training Resource Kits that Mr Hayter has been directly involved in developing have now been implemented in other programs and services across Australia. Not only is Mr Hayter highly regarded throughout FESA and the SES in Western Australia but he is also a member of many vocational committees across Australia. He represents SES on a National Training Committee and he often takes on a FESA Media Liaison role when required.

Mr William John NORRIS,               Mr Norris is an outstanding ambassador for the Fire and Emergency Services Authority (FESA) and the State Emergency Service (SES) in Western Australia. He has made an extraordinary contribution for over 25 years to the training and development of SES volunteers from within his own community and throughout the state, and has demonstrated outstanding passion and commitment towards assisting his community and fellow volunteers to plan, prepare and respond more effectively to natural disasters and emergency incidents. Mr Norris is an outstanding Training Manager of the Mandurah SES Unit where he is responsible for the delivery of training and professional development of the 40 volunteer members. His passion and commitment to this role is admirable. In addition, he is an integral part of the Unit’s management team, consistently providing innovative ideas and outstanding leadership. On many occasions he has demonstrated his negotiation and problem solving skills when assisting not only the Mandurah SES but also the Murray and Waroona SES Units to provide resolutions and positive direction where requested. He is also an outstanding mass rescue, 4WD and roof safety system instructor with the SES, and is well respected throughout the mining and resource industry sector as an experienced trainer in industrial rescue techniques. During 2006 and 2007 Mr Norris was approached to assist FESA in the temporary role as Local Manager of the Waroona SES Unit during a difficult transitional period for that particular unit. Mr Norris responded to the call and willingly accepted the challenge. He made an outstanding contribution to the Waroona Unit’s stability and development. This was a huge personal commitment lasting nearly two years, and involved a 100kms round trip each week from his home in Mandurah.

SESVA President  David Price and Committee members congratulations both of these members on this well deserved award.


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