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25/01/2012 – Put safety first this Australia Day

With high temperatures forecast for Australia Day tomorrow, FESA is urging people to enjoy the day safely.  FESA Acting Chief Operations Officer Lloyd Bailey said people should take precautions to avoid causing an accident.  “Whether you plan to enjoy a quiet barbeque at home, go to the beach or attend a fireworks show, you need to be smart and consider potential dangers,” Mr Bailey said.  “Consider alternate options to lighting or using a fire in the open air.  Using a BBQ or cooker that requires solid fuel such as wood or charcoal should be reconsidered. “Leave the sparklers at home, don’t set off a flare unless it’s an emergency and don’t set off any fireworks yourself.  “All too often these seemingly harmless activities can spark a fire and it only takes one burning ember to cause real damage.”  Mr Bailey said yesterday that it was unlikely that FESA would request for any fireworks shows to be cancelled, based on the current weather forecast. However, FESA will continue to liaise with the event organisers and the Bureau of Meteorology and will monitor conditions.

 If you are planning on going to a fireworks show, FESA has the following advice:

  •     Leave the sparklers at home. Sparklers can easily start fires, burn children or cause eye injuries.
  •     Unless you’re on a boat, leave the flares at home.
  •     And if you’re on a boat don’t set a flare off unless it’s an emergency.
  •     In the past, flares have caused spot fires along the Swan River foreshores.
  •     Even if it’s an accident, you can be held liable for recovery costs if you start a fire.
  •     Leave the fireworks to the professionals and enjoy the show


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